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  • Oh, I agree wholeheartedly. I would just prefer to think (well, maybe just hope) the majority of our fanbase knows well enough to not fall into the grandiose sense of self that we so often criticize the hawks of.
    They really think he is BVD? Holy crap that is crazy. If thats true he must be pretty hard up for work if he is still defending his ego on Iowa State Message boards!
    Make sure there's someone around you who can pat you on the back for me. :smile:
    We work at this super-small company (50 people or so), and a lot of our best friends work here. Since they knew we were doing in-vitro and when we were taking the blood tests to see if it worked, it was really hard to keep it a secret. We told people for the first couple of weeks that the blood tests were "inconclusive" (even though they weren't), but then we couldn't really keep it a secret anymore once they knew we'd had the ultrasound. Plus, with as much as I was throwing up, everyone kind of guessed, anyway. :skeptical: It would help if the bathrooms weren't right by all of my coworker's desks...
    That's the awesome thing about being the daddy!! That's amazing that everyone kept it so quiet for you at work!?!?! Jon actually works here with me, so I can at least be satisfied in the knowledge that he'll (hopefully) get the same hugs that I do - but I may use the baby as an excuse to not hug me. :wink:

    I'm thinking after our earlier conversation about getting T-shirts made up that say "No Touching" on the belly.
    I feel a little guilty with posting the due date and everything here when there are people at work I'm trying to avoid telling like the plague in order to not receive the inevitable hug... I think we're mostly safe here. :wink:
    Yeah, I don't think I'm waiting until January 8. :biglaugh: Well, I like Nov. 12, then, too!!!
    I've been trying not to eat a ton of that bad stuff - that's great advice. If I crave something sweet, I've been trying to have an apple or a banana or something. They put me on some prescription meds to make me stop getting sick (since I lost about 5 lbs. over a few days' course), so my stomach has been better since then. Now it's just finding what foods make me feel icky - I've been having food aversions more than cravings, so far. Too bad one of my aversions has been broccoli!!!

    That's awesome that she lost all of that pregnancy weight so quickly - when you are doing everything healthy, I'm sure that's easy. I'm going to try and keep exercising as much as possible, so hopefully that helps, too.
    I feel like I have a tummy already, but I'm thinking it's just water so far??? I haven't actually gained any weight (or at least any more than a pound or so), so I'm hoping that's it. I don't think I would (will) deal well with strangers touching my belly - I'm kind of a big fan of "personal space," and that's a direct violation. I may just have to develop a surly look when people ask or something. :wink: Thanks for the congrats!!

    Oh, I'm so glad that she's sleeping more!! That has to just let you guys feel like you can talk to each other once in a while, too. What a huge relief!!
    We're keeping it pretty quiet, but yes. :smile: The embryo transfer worked!! 7 weeks and 5 days today... and a whole lot of sick!! How are YOU doing??
    Been really busy at work lately, so I haven't been on much. Maybe someday it will die down a little and I can get back on here a little more.
    I appreciate it - and would do the same for you, as you're one of the best ones here. :smile:
    Stupid rep limitations. :smile: You're a great guy - thank you. I'd gone to sleep last night when he responded, so there wouldn't have been any response until today. Thank you SO much for being such a great guy.
    Just wanted to ask...based on your signature here...did you live on woodrow and if so...what year?
    HPSE means Highest Paid State Employee. It is from what the Register and others did during LE's fiasco. Every article, they would mention he was the HPSE. So whenever I mention kf for the first time in any thread, I put it in there. Only fair.
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