Seton Hall: ISU (-1)

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    It’s early and the efficiency numbers don’t really mean that much but kenpom’s is essentially the current line but with Seton Hall scoring 4 more points. Seton Hall is shooting 39.5% from three this year with essentially the same guys who shot 32.4% last year.

    My guess is some serious bettors are thinking that the 39.5% may not hold on a weirdly scheduled road game without home ball advantage and that is what is moving the line.

    Check out these 3 point shooting percentages of Seton Hall players from last year to this year.

    Powell 36.3/40.3
    Mamuskalashmevwlli 30.1/45.5
    McKnight 26.9/35.0
    Reynolds 15.6/63.6
    Rhoden 24.6/19.2
    Cale 37.8/39.1

    Their other new guys are shooting 8-16 from 3 this year. That is some very impressive shooting. Maybe explained by improvement or by playing weaker competition in the no conference, but still unlikely to hold.

    Clearly the main takeaway is that you should play Rhoden on FanDuel as we will leave him open and he will make 6 threes.

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