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Discussion in 'Mens Basketball' started by MuskieCy, Mar 24, 2019.

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    I never said that the officials were the ONLY reason we lost. I have stated several times that ISU played poorly. I wanted our team to play better, I yelled at them as much as I yelled at the refs. But, my attitude is that officials CAN have as much to do with a team losing a game as the team itself. Not that the officials are the only reason we lost. Get off your official soapbox long enough to see what I'm actually saying.

    If two teams play like crap, then the one that scores more points should win, not the one that is given an advantage by bad officiating. I'll argue that the officials made some mistakes that killed any momentum we were gaining at certain points and allowed OSU to keep a slim lead that changed the way both teams played the game. You don't know what would happen (neither do I for that matter), but what if, by some miracle Lard (or someone else) would have gotten a thunderous rebound dunk on the possession where they called Shayok out on the end line (incorrectly) or Hali would have had ANOTHER break away dunk when he STOLE the ball with his HAND. Is it possible taking the lead at that point might sway the whole game? Might it give a boost to an ISU team that was lagging, get them excited, give them hope?

    GRANTED a GREAT team does not need any of that, I'm sure, because they don't need emotion to play. They don't need any encouragement to overcome things and don't let little things like blown calls affect them. Unfortunately we weren't a great team and we simply weren't that tough.
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    On the play where Lard got elbowed in the head and then got called for a foul on a made bucket seconds later, is that reviewable?
    They went to the monitor for plenty of hook and holds this tournament, but does the foul need to be called on the offending player to review (i.e. since they called the foul on Cam they couldn't look at it)?
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    It was in the corner and wesson kept moving back and forth to block babb from getting out there. If that wasn't a moving screen then a moving screen should never be called.
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    That play was awful even on TV. He looked like a freaking lineman with a pulling block. They were just grabbing and moving the whole game on their screens and Steve was yelling at the refs for it to no avail. Apparently that can only be called on Jacobson or Lard.
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    Okay, then every crappy call ever we can just use this excuse. I can excuse it for certain things for sure, but these other things are absolutely ridiculous. If you can't tell the difference between a kick and a hand right infront of you, then you should not be reffing to begin with in such a high level like the NCAA Tournament. No ******* questions asked. Just because you're human doesn't mean you can be excused with making every bad call ever. There are so many calls we can excuse for that - a lot of fouls and such - no problem. They're human, but to not be able to get an out of bounds correctly when it's directly in front of you or thinking someone kicked a ball when it was their hand and nowhere near their feat? Bull-*******-**** - not excusable.

    Too many refs make anticipation calls and then some have low enough self esteem to not admit they were wrong to blow the whistle prematurely. It happened in the Tennessee-Iowa game on the 3-point block by Tennessee, the whistle blew before the actual block.

    Now with that being said, the one ref who did the 5 second? Sorry but that's not excusable as being human. Either he's just a complete idiot, or corrupt.
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    If Bobo from Iowa shoves away in a worse way dribbling the ball down the court and doesn't get called for it, Zion is certainly not getting called for it.

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