Favorite tailgate grill

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Well-Known Member
Aug 9, 2009
It is quite a bit smaller than my bigger grill. You just need to plan accordingly on what you make for tailgating or camping. I have a upper rack that helps. Earlier this summer I made 2 big pork loins and a port belly on the DC no problem. Looking at getting a rib rack so i can do at least 4 racks of ribs on the DC. We have a pretty big group come tailgate. So if we do burgers or wings I usually have to do at least 2 batches. Not a huge deal for me, just need to plan. Try and do taller meats. You can feed more people with a pork loin vs ribs. or chicken breasts vs wings.
I have a big griddle I have used on my DB, I don't have a smaller one that fits in the DC. in a pinch i have made eggs on tin foil for burgers.
If you want a big breakfast i would probably recommend a blackstone flat top.
We have a small group 3-10 people so I don't need huge breakfasts. Sounds like it would be a good option for me. Now to see if I can sell my roadtrip and masterbuilt smoker to offset some of this cost.


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Dec 10, 2013
I have had the Coleman roadtrip grill for like 6 years but have had issues with the regulator and other stuff. Debating whether to get the new model roadtrip 285 or something different. I already have the full griddle for my coleman so that is an accessory I wouldn't have to rebuy with a new grill.

Anyone use the Green Mountain Davy Crockett? A little more expensive but would also use as a smoker at my house. It comes with dc power, so can run it off the truck or bring a battery.
If you do go another route hit me up, I would throw you a few bucks for the griddle.


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Apr 12, 2006
Kind of was expecting something clever about Caleb.