Big 12 Elimination Competition. Week 1

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Jul 13, 2008
Nevada, IA
1- Pick a team each week to win. Submit pick before kick off Central time.
2- If your team wins, you survive. Lose and you're eliminated.
3- After you pick a team, you may NOT pick them again.
4- You may NOT pick AGAINST a team in consecutive weeks.

5- If you submit a team you've already chosen, pick against a team in consecutive weeks, or don't submit a pick for the're eliminated.
6- Last player standing wins. If the final group of players are eliminated the same week, we'll go to the tiebreakers.
7- If you run out of teams to choose from later in the season, you're eliminated.

8 - Due to covid games maybe ppd. I will try to stay on top of this and alert those who may need to change a pick.

Each week, you will submit additional picks for tiebreaker purposes.
1: Highest scoring game of the week
2: Team that scores the least points

1- Road wins. Neutral site games count as 1/2 point
2- High score game of the week picks
3-Team that scores the least points

11:00 AM Kansas State @ Oklahoma
12:30 PM Iowa State @ TCU
2:30 PM Texas @ Texas Tech
2:30 PM West Virginia @ Oklahoma State
6:30 PM Kansas @ Baylor


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Mar 29, 2013
I see @cyclonespiker33 's Oklahoma and raise him one Texas Longhorns

To win: Texas
Highest scoring: Texas/TTU
Low team: ISU

Flame away!
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