A Cyclone legend has passed away...

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Apr 7, 2006
Tom had great results as a position coach under Bruce. I was surprised he gave that up to teach HS. Did he stay in teaching until retirement?
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Mar 30, 2007
Tom had great results as a position coach under Bruce. I was surprised he gave that up to teach HS. Did he stay in teaching until retirement?
I'm not sure how long he continued coaching, I knew him as a banker. For anyone old enough to remember, he worked at Union Story.


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Mar 18, 2006
Houston, TX
For some reason, I can't remember him on Earl's staff; I thought he was in either car dealerships, or banking. RIP Tommy - you were a legend!
"...Vaughn returned to the gridiron for Iowa State in 1975, but this time on the sideline.

"I came back and coached for Earle Bruce. We won some games and we beat Nebraska twice," Vaughn remembers fondly.

Vaughn served as the running back coach and helped mentor Cyclone All-American Dexter Green. Vaughn was a part of a coaching staff that led the Cyclones to consecutive eight-win seasons in 1976 and 1977..."
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May 12, 2006
Northville, MI
RIP Tom. He was in my 3rd Qtr. (Trimesters at that time) English class in 1963. He did well in class but when spring training started, he dropped the class. Back then, they didn't have academic progression requirements so it was common for good athletes to drop classes then pick them up during the summer, if at all.

Tom played offense, defense, and special teams. In an era when only a few skilled players could specialize by rotating in and out, he remained on the field. He wasn't big; maybe 5'10" or so but...he...could leap. He could stand under a basket and stuff a basketball with two hands and, if we ever had a first and goal with less than nine yards to go, Tom would get the handoff at the line of scrimmage cover it with both hands and leap like a rocket toward the goal line leading with his head. It was a sure-fire score which didn't happen often because we played great between the twenties but we couldn't get across the twenty yard line let alone the goal line.

It was this leading with his head that was probably that brought his pro career down and probably his life. He had too many concussions. I don't recall him missing a college game because of a concussion

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