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    Random Thoughts 16: “Somebody had to do it” edition

    Oh yea!? Well how about our women's Bball team! Or our wrestling? Oh.. I am sad.
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    Friday OT #2 - That Proves You Were There, That You Heard of them First

    Angie's Friday OT's.. I remember these!
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    Random Thoughts 16: “Somebody had to do it” edition

    Sometimes I wonder how all you SOB's are doing?
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    Is the Brewery era over?

    Beer is pretty good at Iowa Brew. All the guys that work there tho are douche bags.
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    Is the Brewery era over?

    I'm not sure anyone can be surprised that a brewery in Reinbeck, Iowa can't sustain success. Can't imagine much of a market there, especially with Waterloo/CF having new breweries opening up. Plus, I've had their beer and it was pretty meh. And hadn't Rock Bottom been open in Res Moines for...
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    Should I get my son a Nintendo switch

    I'm not sure what people are talking about in "growing out" of the Switch. This isn't a gimmick platform like the Wii was. The switch is an actual console releasing actual games (including 2 of the top 5? titles of 2017). Of course it will never have the power of an XBone or PS4. But it's easy...
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    Tiger is back!

    Yes Golf Channel being overly excited about the most popular golfer in the last 25 years being back and playing well is totally embarrassing. Not like Tiger directly impacts their viewership or anything.
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    Not saying to bring back baseball

    You spelled Rick Hartzell wrong. Semi-Jimlad.
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    Iowa Bowl Game

    We already played our bowl game in September.
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    XBox Question

    Get them the new South Park game. It will prolly be fine.
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    Brian Peavy in jail

    Well, her, for starters.
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    Joel Klatts hate for the CFP Committee

    He will be fine. He doesn't work for ESPN, he works for a company that actually cares about sports and talking about sports.
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    Cheese on a pop Iowa thing?

    I've never licked a butthole, but I'm pretty sure I can safely say that's disgusting.
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    The CFP is garbage

    Is this a real question?