WILLIAMS: To the curmudgeon ripping fans for caring about uniforms

I’m directing this blog at you, “Uniforms don’t win football games” guy.

Please, spare the life-loving fans your crusty, surface level take. We have heard your tired take and every time you open your mouth on the issue, you prove again and again that you simply don’t understand the greater point about the era that we are living in. 

In the year 2016 (as much as you might not like it), uniforms matter to players (and most importantly, recruits). 

Also, note that this isn’t about you. It’s about the players – you know – the guys who actually do go out and win football games. To them, uniforms matter. 

A couple of weeks ago, surveyed 100 perspective D-1 football players. The results are exactly what I expected, but won’t fit the curmudgeon crowd’s narrative. 

Taken from a piece:


According to this particular survey, uniforms influence one-third of prospects that Iowa State can potentially recruit to come play for the Cyclones. 

Want to win games at this level? You better have good players. 

Uniforms don’t matter though…

If you would hop off of your crotchety pedestal and look deeper into the issue for five minutes, you would see that over the course of time, they most definitely do.

And for what it’s worth, I give Iowa State’s white helmet look two-thumbs up. 


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