OL- Biggest question mark going into the season

Discussion in 'Football' started by clonedude, Jun 25, 2020.

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    I think most of us would probably agree that the success of this year's season will come down to the performance of the OL.

    So I have 2 requests......

    1. Post what you think the OL two deeps will be to start the season.
    2. Explain why you are confident, or not confident, that they will be a decent upgrade over last year's OL.

    My guess....

    LT- Ramos/ Treiber
    LG- Downing/Hufford
    C- Newell/Schweiger
    RG- Hudson/Ross
    RT- Treiber/ Foster or Remsburg

    A surprise we could see is Schweiger starting at center, and Newell starting at RG.

    As for how I see this OL performing...... it's REALLY hard to predict. I think that in a year from now they will be quite a bit better than last year's OL once they have a year of experience, but to start this season I think it could be a bit ugly to be honest.

    I think the talent level is there, but it always takes time to gel. I think they could be better by the end of this season than last year's OL was. I'm hopeful by time Big 12 season starts they can be about as good as last year's OL.

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