Ideas on what causes this tree damage?

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Well-Known Member
Dec 7, 2010
I have a maple and linden (I think) trees near each other in my backyard with some bad spots in each that I just noticed last year. The first pic is of the Linden and other two are of the Maple. Any ideas what caused this or who I’d ask? We live in Ankeny. I think the trees are about 25 years old. Looking at the earl may website maybe sunscald damage, but the trunks seem ok...

upload_2020-3-29_13-42-35.jpeg upload_2020-3-29_13-43-10.jpeg upload_2020-3-29_13-44-10.jpeg


Well-Known Member
Nov 18, 2006
The top one looks like a bad pruning job a long time ago, cutting the branch off too near the trunk. The second looks like a mechanical injury. The third, I don't know. I dom't think they're all the same cause though.


Well-Known Member
Mar 12, 2012
I'd also say bad pruning job for the first one, must have been a branch fall off the second one, and the third must have had water get in there and freeze. The first 2 look to be healing alright.


Well-Known Member
Sep 14, 2009
Guessing #3 maple is a southern exposure and freeze/thaw damage. Thin smooth bark maples are notorious for this as younger trees. They can also split during wetter years of vigorous growth. The hybrid red/silvers and reds are the worst IMHO.

#2 looks to be an older wound that is healing okay.

#1 looks like there is some insects or something that maybe pecking birds like woodpeckers have opened bark to get at. The bore holes to the right in a row look like something that a Linden borer might make. I'd have it looked at.
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