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    I'm not sure many follow our Iowa State golf team, but I had the unique opportunity to not only attend today's first and second rounds of the B12 Golf Championship, but along the way meeting the coach, assistant athletic director, and several of the player's parents. Despite reading that I not speak with the players I couldn't help with the Tiger Woods yell when one of our guys holed a very difficult sand shot. Or the major thumbs up on some incredible shots. I came away incredibly impressed. Sporting my Iowa State apparel seemed to catch the eye of the more faithful golf audience. Andrew went out of his way to walk directly to me and introduce himself. Several of the player's parents also went out of their way to strike up a conversation. All-in-all an incredible experience. The player's just seemed to have fun. I encourage any of you to take the opportunity to not only see, but support this team with unparalleled patronage. Living in West Virginia I don't get the opportunity too often, but if they ever return I'll be right at the front of the line.
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