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  1. CyGold

    CRTC Golf Outing in Ames yesterday

    I had a great time yesterday! Special "Thanks" to Robin and the rest of the crew that organized and put on such a great event. It was great to see most of the wrestlers in attendance. Congrats to Coach Metcalf on the birth of a baby girl (born yesterday I think). Coach Dresser gave him a...
  2. CyGold


    Episode 1 was AWESOME! For those of you that are on the fence about Flo wrestling I can't recommend it enough. The Flo-films alone are worth the price. I've also watched many away duals and tourneys because of Flo.
  3. CyGold

    Kyven Gadson tonight on UFC Fight Pass

    I do think he captured some "magic" in beating those guys and I hope he can do it again. That said, even if he's an alternate at whatever weight he chooses. That might turn into opportunity in this Covid world we live in and build on his already legendary career. I can see where this would...
  4. CyGold

    Transfer In: Anthony Zach

    This isn't directed at Anthony Zach but back in my day most of the good "prospects" had BFs when they started college... after a few days/weeks very few of them still had one. I'm sure things haven't changed a whole lot.
  5. CyGold

    Transfer In: Anthony Zach

    @ cyclonenation5 - I'd be curious to hear why you think that.
  6. CyGold

    Transfer In: Anthony Zach

    I wonder if Anthony Zach will be eligible right away and if he might challenge for the 165# spot. I personally think he won't be at Schumacher's level. He's so hard to predict because I can't find any college experience for him. Does anybody know what happened last year at NIU?
  7. CyGold

    Mulder Transferring

    I agree that it will be a good move for him. I think that it's very cool that he got the chance to wrestle for the team and contribute. He will always have that experience/memory. I hope he wins a title for Wartburg. Good luck Zane... Once a Cyclone always a Cyclone!
  8. CyGold

    On to 2021

    Welcome aboard Conor (& Family)! I'm excited to see you develop and compete in Cardinal & Gold.
  9. CyGold

    C-RTC & Recruiting

    Land- You have some good points that I'm not missing. By the true definition of nepotism everyone that I cited could be lumped into that category. My point wasn't to say that they all did it for the right reasons or the right choice but to say that it happens all over. Also, my point is it's...
  10. CyGold

    Miklus to Michigan State

    Best of luck Willie! Once a Cyclone always a Cyclone.
  11. CyGold

    C-RTC & Recruiting

    is this directed towards Brands, Sandersons, Smiths, Ferentz, Gibbons or Dresser? Just curious. If the guy is qualified and willing then go for it in my opinion. Will Some people be mad if we get Nate and David Carr involved withCRTC at the same time?
  12. CyGold

    Metcalf on Flo

    Money well spent if you can afford it. The films are awesome and I catch quite a few live events each year.
  13. CyGold

    C-RTC & Recruiting

    Seriously folks... IF every time a guy transfers or commits elsewhere and you guys tell us about "another miss" and "our recruiting sucks" it's going to drive me crazy. Are you saying you think we should be giving $$ to Moore? He's only got two years left and is at 141. Maybe you aren't aware...
  14. CyGold

    On to 2021

    I do agree. He has to be very frustrating to coach because he shows so many flashes of greatness.
  15. CyGold

    On to 2021

    Bands did beat Colbray. However I would still pick Colbray in a rematch. That's assuming Colbray can open up up and take chances. He's been very impressive when he lets the fur fly.