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    Jalen Coleman-Lands is has entered the transfer portal

    Seems wise to have very very low expectations, this isn’t about next year. I’m ok with any 1 year guy leaving from a 2-22 team.
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    Otzelberger's First Recruiting/Transfer Class (List in #1 and #2 posts)

    Once again, didn't you ask for 1 example?
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    Otzelberger's First Recruiting/Transfer Class (List in #1 and #2 posts)

    Next year will be another disaster, just prepare for that. The Didn't you ask for 1 example?
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    ***Official 2020-2021 Transfer Thread***

    The chances of success NEXT YEAR seem very unlikely to me (which is ok and expected). I'd rather see us go after transfers with multiple years left, or quality high school kids if possible. I can't see a competitive roster next year, we are just not going to be a desirable location for the top...
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    Cord cutting question

    Curious if anyone can compare streaming, vs Direct Tv when it comes to multiple household TVs (6 in our case). I'm interested in streaming, but DTV is sooooo easy to use through the whole household, that it might be worth some extra $. I worry about data and buffering too.
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    ***Official 2020-2021 Transfer Thread***

    I think this is correct, however Cone is much better equipped to get his shot off, nice elevation on his jumper with a quick release, and can shoot on the move. A very different shooter than Jackson and Harris IMO.
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    ***Official 2020-2021 Transfer Thread***

    Cone would be a big upgrade from our previous undersized shooters. He can shoot on the move and coming off screens. No clue on other aspects of his game. This would be a take for me, but I would prefer if it came with some more attrition.
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    Women's March Madness: Cyclones vs Texas A&M 6 p.m. ESPN2

    Defense on A&M's last possession of regulation needs to take some heat. Maybe we were trying to avoid the foul, but that was weak.
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    Serious question: Are kids worth it?

    Yes, you move very quickly from not knowing what you’re gonna do WITH them, to not knowing what you would do WITHOUT them.
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    21-22 pieces that fit

    Success or failure next year will depend on guys who are not currently on the active roster. We need massive roster turnover.
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    Steve Prohm releases statement

    Spoke with Prohm a few times over the years (never about basketball). We have similar aged kids, so that's what we talked about. He had no reason to remember me, however each time we spoke, he recalled I had kids so he would ask about them. Seemed like he was genuinely interested in the well...
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    I know you’ve already heard this a bunch of times, but I’ll say it again. Thank you, this is overwhelmingly the most helpful information I’ve ever seen for a trip.
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    Bolton Tweet

    Prohm is guilty of many things, but playing Bolton at PG this past season is not one of them. In fact, it was probably a good coaching decision.
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    Bolton Tweet

    What leadership looks like.