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    Rate your COVID Mindfulness

    Our approach (with 3 kids who are under 7 years old): 1) Avoid indoor public places 2) If indoor public places are required, mask 100% of time 3) Outdoor activities safe, mask 0% of the time.
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    I wish ALL games would be home games...

    This isn't how positivity rate works.
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    Random ISU/Tech Notes (from a Tech fan)

    Guessing my ISU peers will disagree with me, but Will McDonald is our best pass rusher.
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    THT talks bubble experience

    I'll have to respectfully disagree on staying another year. His stock and intrigue wasn't going to get much higher, and his intrigue was aided by his youth which would erode slightly if he came back.
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    Iowa State announces reversal of plans to have fans in the stands for season opener

    Is this true? I was under the impression that the inherent flaw (that your sample is skewed towards positive) prevents sampling risk from being reduced enough in order to make predictions about the population. Also, the sample size may be too small.
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    Iowa State announces reversal of plans to have fans in the stands for season opener

    I'm no expert, but I was under the impression that the positivity rate is a measure of the testing adequacy, as a way to predict the actual virus spread. Most intelligent takes I've seen indicates you need to look at BOTH the # of tests, and positivity rate in order to draw any proper...
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    K-12 Return to school ongoing discussion

    From what I have gathered, most schools on the hybrid plan have no live teacher instruction on the kids virtual days.
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    SEC conference only

    I realize TV $ might be locked in, but would they have TV $ to gain as the only P5 college football content available?
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    K-12 Return to school ongoing discussion

    Honest question, are there any people who are in favor of a Hybrid plan? Seems like most want all virtual or all classroom.
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    K-12 Return to school ongoing discussion

    The massive amount of distractions at home. Most would be lucky to keep a 2nd, 1st, or kindergarten child focused for 30 minutes.
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    K-12 Return to school ongoing discussion

    Reasonable idea. How on earth is a single working parent going to make virtual / at home learning work?
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    Poll: Have you been tested for COVID-19?

    It's hard to describe a medical procedure / test that only lasts 20 seconds as brutal. It's not enjoyable, but wasn't the worst 20 seconds of my day both times I had a test.
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    Starting lineup for 2020-21 Season

    Much different than Zion. Conditt has shown the ability to be a quality high major shot blocker and rim runner. Our ceiling goes way up if he can eliminate some mistakes and beat out Young. Zion never did anything and I was always very confused why people were high on him as he couldn't dribble...
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    Re-Al to Temple

    Agree, however the best way to get noticed by the next level might be to have the ball in your hands every snap.
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    ***Official 2019-2020 Transfer Thread***

    I wouldn't compare Tre to Tyrus, that is an unfair expectation. Tyrus made 96 three's at over 46%, many of which were high degree of difficulty. Tre won't be like Tyrus during his career, but that doesn't mean he won't be of value. I wish we would stop using the Tyrus McGee comparison completely.