CF’s Expert Pick’em: Week 2

Week one of "Operation Do Not Let Cooter Ray Chris Hassel Win At Any And All Costs" is in the books and so far it is a total failure. There are many factors to blame but most of them reside in North Dakota.

The standings:


The biggest surprises in the standings this week are myself and Adam Gray being out of the cellar that we inhabited for the duration of 2013. Good job, Adam. But, don’t expect that to last. From the "exactly what you expected department", all the former Cyclone players are dwelling right in the thick of mediocrity…(sorry guys, no punches please) and the weather guy struggled mightily with his predictions (sorry Brett, I really do like you better than Ed!).

But now, the picks…

ESPN Broadcaster, Chris Hassel

Missouri (-4.5) @ Toledo – Knee jerk pick is obviously Mizzou but this line scares me a bit. Taking the Tigers but weary. 

Michigan @ Notre Dame (-4.5) – This series should not be ending. Shame on ND. Taking Michigan out of spite. 

Michigan State @ Oregon (-12.5) – It’s been nearly two years since MSU lost a game by more than four points. I’m confident that the Spartans can stay within a score. 

USC (-2.5) @ Stanford – Very difficult to pick. Going with Stanford because they’ve been there and done that in big games. Jury still way out on USC. 

BYU @ Texas (-3.5) – Revenge on the minds of the Horns after last season’s debacle at BYU. Texas covers. 

Kansas State (-12) @ Iowa State – I’d be surprised if ISU doesn’t put up a fight I can’t pick them to cover 12 points against K-State after what we saw last Saturday. 

Cyclone Fanatic Sales Director, Adam Gray

Missouri (-4.5) @ Toledo – Give me the SEC to cover on the road. 31-24 Mizzou.

Michigan @ Notre Dame (-4.5) – Notre Dame is at home and has the better coach. ND 30-17.

Michigan State @ Oregon (-12.5) – Line doesn’t make sense so I’ll go against it. Oregon by 17.

USC (-2.5) @ Stanford – Give me Stanford at home to wear down USC.

BYU @ Texas (-3.5) – Too many issues at Texas. Give me BYU straight up.

Kansas State (-12) @ Iowa State –  How can you take ISU at this point? Kansas State 31-17.

WOI-TV Sports Director, Dave Zawilinski

Missouri (-4.5) @ Toledo – Mizzou.

Michigan @ Notre Dame (-4.5) – Michigan

Michigan State @ Oregon (-12.5) – Michigan State.

USC (-2.5) @ Stanford – Stanford.

BYU @ Texas (-3.5) – Texas.

Kansas State (-12) @ Iowa State – Kansas State. 

The enCYCLONEpedia Guy, Kirk Haaland

Missouri (-4.5) @ Toledo – Gene Chizik knows you don’t just walk into the "Glass Bowl" and stroll out with a victory. But, it won’t be an issue for Gary Pinkel. M-I-Z. Z-O-U.

Michigan @ Notre Dame (-4.5) – Golden Domers cover at home.

Michigan State @ Oregon (-12.5) – Quack, quack, quack, quack Mr. Ducksworth.

USC (-2.5) @ Stanford – I’ll take the home dog. Stanford.

BYU @ Texas (-3.5) – Texas has had an interesting few months…but, I’ll give them the nod at home.

Kansas State (-12) @ Iowa State –  I think everyone has been surprised by this line given what happened last week. If it were 17.5 I would roll with the Clones but with that weird spread I have to take the Purple Cats. That would give ISU their 12th straight Big 12 opening loss and put them staring down the barrel of a very rough start.

Former Cyclone LB, Adam Carper

Missouri (-4.5) @ Toledo – Not going to waste my time analyzing this matchup.  Mizzou.

Michigan @ Notre Dame (-4.5) – Gardner makes enough plays to keep this one close.  Michigan.

Michigan State @ Oregon (-12.5) – Big Ten showcased their ability to play against the country’s finest last week with Wisky and I think they prove the doubters wrong again this week.  MSU.

USC (-2.5) @ Stanford – I still don’t understand how Stanford’s mascot is a tree.  Has to be the most bizarre college mascot.  In any case, the Tree covers.

BYU @ Texas (-3.5) – You think the Longhorns forgot the beatdown they received last year in Provo?  Charlie gets the Horns to 2-0 and cover.

Kansas State (-12) @ Iowa State –  Nothing I saw last week leads me to believe ISU will cover.  I hope I’m wrong though.  KSU.

KXNO Host and Producer, Andrew Downs

Missouri (-4.5) @ Toledo – The Rockets give Mizzou (and Cyclone fans) a scare, but a dominant 4th quarter gives the Tigers the edge. Missouri 35 – Toledo 24.

Michigan @ Notre Dame (-4.5) – The Devin Connection (Gardner to Funchess) is too much for the Irish to handle. Michigan 31 – Notre Dame 20.

Michigan State @ Oregon (-12.5) – MSU might be the best team in the Big 10, but a long trip takes its toll. Take the points, but Oregon wins. Oregon 38 – MSU 31.

USC (-2.5) @ Stanford – Smart kids v dumb kids. Wrong team is favored. Stanford 24 – USC 14.

BYU @ Texas (-3.5) – The Charlie Strong Era rolls on. Texas 31 – BYU 17. 

Kansas State (-12) @ Iowa State –  Marked improvement for the Cyclones from Week 1 to Week 2, but K State proves to be too big a challenge. KSU 45 – ISU 24.

Former Cyclone QB, Austen Arnaud

Missouri (-4.5) @ Toledo – This number seems a little fishy, but I still like Mizzou on the road at the glass bowl. 

Michigan @ Notre Dame (-4.5) – Who knows how good either one of the teams will be later on in the year, but I am going to give the edge to ND. I just don’t think Michigan is that good of a team when it’s all said and done. ND will make Devin Gardner one dimensional.

Michigan State @ Oregon (-12.5) – I have to take Mich State and the points. Over the last few years this Spartan team is always rock solid. Especially the defense. I think they will slow down the Oregon attack quite a bit but Oregon still wins at Autzen.

USC (-2.5) @ Stanford – USC has the most talented underclassmen in the country. If they can avoid injury throughout the year, look out for the Trojans! However, David Shaw and Stanford are too tough on the ground running the football and will dictate the tempo of this game and turn it into a slugfest. Stanford wins at home.

BYU @ Texas (-3.5) – This is another line that is surprising to me. UT is by no means a finished product but their defense is nasty! I like the Texas defense turning over BYU multiple times and winning by at a least a TD.

Kansas State (-12) @ Iowa State –  Iowa State gets K State at a very good time in the year, in my opinion. That’s the only reason they cover in this game. I don’t believe they win BUT I think K State comes out a little lethargic after beating up on Stephen F Austin last week.

Former Cyclone QB, Bret Meyer

Missouri (-4.5) @ Toledo – Like Missouri to cover. 27-20

Michigan @ Notre Dame (-4.5) – Notre Dame wins on a late field goal. 38-35

Michigan State @ Oregon (-12.5) – Oregon starts slow but pulls away late 45-28

USC (-2.5) @ Stanford – Like USC to make a statement. 28-10

BYU @ Texas (-3.5) – Despite a depleted offensive line, Texas wins at home. 21-17

Kansas State (-12) @ Iowa State –  Too many setbacks for this ISU to overcome. K-State gets the W, 35-10

Former Cyclone WR, Lane Danielsen

Missouri (-4.5) @ Toledo – Missouri.  Mizzou should take care of business on the road.

Michigan @ Notre Dame (-4.5) – Notre Dame. The Irish looked good week one Everett Golson back at QB.

Michigan State @ Oregon (-12.5) – Michigan State. Oregon typically struggles against hard hitting physical opponents.

USC (-2.5) @ Stanford – USC.  Coin flip here, but I think with Sarkisian and Kessler at QB, SC is poised for a good year!

BYU @ Texas (-3.5) – Different story for this game in Austin this year. I love the discipline that Charlie Strong is bringing to the program.

Kansas State (-12) @ Iowa State –  Kansas State.  Although it’s painful, I didn’t see much in the opener that would tell me to pick my Alma Mater.

Cyclone Fanatic Columnist, Brent Blum

Missouri (-4.5) @ Toledo – This line seems strange. That scares me. I will regret this. Missouri 30 Toledo 21.

Michigan @ Notre Dame (-4.5) – I trust Michigan QB Devin Gardner on the road as much as a celebrity should trust cell phone pics not ending up on the internet (I’m looking at you Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton…so I’ve heard). Playing with fire. Notre Dame 27 Michigan 20.

Michigan State @ Oregon (-12.5) – It is supposed to be 97 degrees in Oregon. That seems warm. Sparty keeps it snug. Oregon 31 Michigan State 26. 

USC (-2.5) @ Stanford – Wrong team favored? Yes. Stanford 24 USC 17.

BYU @ Texas (-3.5) – Texas controversially strips BYU at the goal-line late and the play is upheld. Of course. Texas 27 BYU 21. 

Kansas State (-12) @ Iowa State –  Better effort this week by the Cyclones. K-State is starting a walk-on and a true freshman at LB, that’s a bit concerning. There may be some opportunities to score. Still not sure it is enough. K-State 31 Iowa State 24. 

Former Cyclone K, Bret Culbertson

Missouri (-4.5) @ Toledo – Mizzou kicker Andrew Baggett is catching flack for a big miss last year, but I watched the guy win a pressure competition at our college summer camp with almost every kicker in the SEC, ACC and Big 10 competing. Game winner would go to Tigers, but they win by 10- maybe more. Mizzou covers.

Michigan @ Notre Dame (-4.5) – Michigan punter Will Hagerup took a 2 year hiatus for a few bad off-field decisions after being named All-Big 10 in 2012. The field position battle on special teams is going to be big in this game, and he’s the ticket for the Wolverines in that arena.  Michigan beats the spread.

Michigan State @ Oregon (-12.5) –  A @Sadler_3 follow on Twitter may be the best decision you make this football season. Thank me later. Oregon is strong, but I’d like to see Michigan State cover the spread.

USC (-2.5) @ Stanford – Still have a soft spot for Stanford. Stanford "upset".

BYU @ Texas (-3.5) – C’mon Charles. Longhorns cover.

Kansas State (-12) @ Iowa State – Ever since 2004, I always get an appetite for a K-State shellacking. ISU covers.

Former Cyclone WR, Jack Whitver

Missouri (-4.5) @ Toledo – Even on the road, Mizzou dominates and covers.

Michigan @ Notre Dame (-4.5) – Golson back and is too much for the Wolverines…ND by a TD.

Michigan State @ Oregon (-12.5) – That is a lot of points against a good defense. Oregon wins but doesn’t cover.

USC (-2.5) @ Stanford – USC has always had the players, now they have the coach. USC wins by a FG. 

BYU @ Texas (-3.5) – QB situation at UT makes this a tough call, but I’ll go with the more talented team playing at home. UT covers.

Kansas State (-12) @ Iowa State – I’m hoping last week was not indicative of this years ISU team. But I’m afraid it was. KSU easily covers.

Former Cyclone RB, Jeff Woody

Missouri (-4.5) @ Toledo – This would be a huge confidence booster for the Rockets if they can pull off a win, which would be bad for the Cyclones. Luckily, I think Mizzou wins and covers.

Michigan @ Notre Dame (-4.5) – Brady Hoke needs this one in the worst way, and I think the Wolverines deliver.

Michigan State @ Oregon (-12.5) –  If a duck were literally to fight a Spartan, the Spartan’s family would eat well for a week or so. However, this is football, and the Ducks are actually very good. I like Oregon at home to win and cover, going away.

USC (-2.5) @ Stanford – USC a favorite on the road against Stanford? What is this, 2006? The Tree goes crazy after ball control wins the game. The Cardinal extend the NCAA-leading home win streak to 18.

BYU @ Texas (-3.5) – The Longhorns’ defense plays better against the run this year than they did last year against the Cougars (after giving up 550 yards rushing, that’s a pretty vanilla statement), but the Fighting Taysum Hill’s still pull out the win. 

Kansas State (-12) @ Iowa State –  Iowa State looked awful after Farniok got hurt. The Wildcats rolled last week. Every indication of rationality says K State will win this game. But eff that, Cyclones in an upset! Go State!

Cyclone Fanatic Publisher, Chris Williams

Missouri (-4.5) @ Toledo – The Rockets are 1-3 as a home underdog since 2010. I’ll reluctantly take the SEC school here. 

Michigan @ Notre Dame (-4.5) – Based on the circumstances with this rivalry, I’d be surprised if this isn’t a close game. I’ll take the Wolverines and the points. 

Michigan State @ Oregon (-12.5) – Mike Dantonio is 7-0 as an underdog over the last two seasons. Give me Sparty to cover. 

USC (-2.5) @ Stanford – The numbers say go with Stanford. No team (that has been D-1) has covered more regularly than the Cardinals over the last five years. Give me the home team and the points. 

BYU @ Texas (-3.5) – Friends who cover Texas have told me to take BYU here. Give me the Cougars. 

Kansas State (-12) @ Iowa State –  Bill Snyder is 11-2-1 ATS on the road since 2011. Wildcats 41, Cyclones 20. 

Cyclone Fanatic Senior Writer, Rob Gray

Missouri (-4.5) @ Toledo – The Rockets are better than you think (sorry). Tigers barely cover behind big passing numbers. Score? Oh, Mizzou 34, Toledo 28

Michigan @ Notre Dame (-4.5) – End of an era — and a rivalry, for the foreseeable future, anyway. Wolverines keep it close. Fighting Irish by a field goal, say 24-21.

Michigan State @ Oregon (-12.5) – Ducks often deeply submerge all comers at home, but Spartans’ defense is as stout as they come. Oregon wins, but doesn’t cover. 27-21. 

USC (-2.5) @ Stanford – I’m not buying USC in this one. Cardinal wins a slobberknocker outright, 21-20. 

BYU @ Texas (-3.5) – Cougars QB Taysom Hill goes wild on the ‘Horns again. No cover. Texas 31, BYU 30. 

Kansas State (-12) @ Iowa State –  Cyclones show improvement, but Wildcats too strong on both sides of ball. K-State covers, 35-20. 

WHO-TV Meteorologist, Brett McIntyre

Missouri (-4.5) @ Toledo – Missouri–Missouri’s got this, though Toledo did manage 50-some points and even though it was against only New Hampshire, it still concerns me for when, uh…well, never mind about Toledo for now.

Michigan @ Notre Dame (-4.5) – Michigan–I take the Wolverines to cover here. ND at home still lucks into a win, but UM will take several steps forward this year, and get closer to being elite again.

Michigan State @ Oregon (-12.5) – Oregon–I think Michigan State is really good. Potentially playoff good. And I don’t think their defense is necessarily outclassed here, but the unfamiliarity with the Ducks will make it a tough first go round for Sparty.

USC (-2.5) @ Stanford – Stanford–I like the Cardinal at home here.

BYU @ Texas (-3.5) – BYU–The Cougars follow up last year’s butt kicking with another win, and with half of Texas hurt or suspended, it shouldn’t be that shocking.

Kansas State (-12) @ Iowa State –  Kansas State–I think Iowa State will be much more competitive than last week, the season’s intrigue isn’t gone yet, but I’m still going to have to see it before I start banking on it.