CF Experts Pick’Em: Week 3

After beginning the season with a 6-0 record, Brent Blum and Bret Culbertson came back to reality last weekend, each going 3-3. 

It was former Iowa State linebacker Adam Carper who flexed his muscles in week two, going 5-1 – as did the voice of the fan, Trevor Enerson. However, Carper’s two 5-1 weeks have him alone at the top of the leaderboard as we enter week three. 

For this week’s picks, please note that when games were sent out on Monday, no line for Iowa State vs. Western Illinois existed. Chris Williams & Brent Blum created a (-30) line in favor of Iowa State at that time, hence why the guys are picking at that mark today. 

Current Standings

Adam Carper, 10-2
Brent Blum, 9-3
Bret Culbertson, 9-3
Dave Zawilinski, 8-4
Kirk Haaland, 8-4
Trevor Enerson, 8-4
Chris Williams, 7-5
Bret Meyer, 7-5
Austen Arnaud, 6-6
Chris Hassel, 5-7
Adam Gray, 5-7 

Former Iowa State Linebacker Adam Carper

Notre Dame @ Michigan State (-5) – I wouldn’t be surprised if Notre Dame goes on the road and gets the W but the Spartans will control the line of scrimmage and cover. 

Alabama (-19) @ Arkansas – Once considered a premiere SEC matchup, Pig Sooie had to lay an egg last week against Louisiana-Monroe. The Razorbacks will be ready early but Saban’s boys will be too much in the 2ndhalf.  Bama covers.

Texas (-10.5) @ Ole Miss – Longhorns go into SEC land and pile on the points.  Texas covers.

TCU (-21) @ Kansas – You think Gary Patterson doesn’t want to show the Big 12 his Horned Frogs don’t belong with the powerhouses of the conference?  TCU wins convincingly and covers.

Iowa State (-30) vs. Western Illinois – I’m assuming everyone will take State to cover since the unofficial line is -38.  It’s hard to remember the last time we won by more than 30 but I think we give the home crowd plenty to cheer for on Saturday. State covers. 

Straight Up

Florida @ Tennessee – This is the best Vols team in a couple years and I’ll give them the edge as this game is played in Knoxville. 

Cyclone Fanatic Columnist Brent Blum

Notre Dame @ Michigan State (-5) – Whenever the line is at four or five, it means Vegas is basically saying, "We have no idea." I don’t either. Michigan State 28 Notre Dame 20.

Alabama (-19) @ Arkansas – No word if Arkansas coach John L Smith slapped himself last week after the loss to Monroe. ( Embarrassing loss, but Arkansas still has talent. No way they should be 19 point dogs at home. Alabama 27 Arkansas 21.

Texas (-10.5) @ Ole Miss – This will be a strange game. An 8:15 p.m. start in Oxford? I’ve never been to that fine community, but I can only assume nothing good happens in Oxford after 9 p.m. Plus Ole Miss’ head coach is Hugh Freeze — the guy who coached Michael Oher in high school — big fella whose life is the basis for the move "Blindside". I am envisioning this headline, "Freeze Blindsides Horns." Beware. Texas 27 Fighting Huey’s 24.   

TCU (-21) @ Kansas – Funny story, when Charlie Weis was on his way to interview for the KU job, he got lost in Kansas City and had to stop at a local gas station to get directions. He walks in, grabs a large stick of beef jerky  and asks the dude at the counter, "How do I get to 435?" The attendant replies, "Eat a salad." … Best part of the Chuck Weis era at KU is reusing Mangino jokes. TCU 38 Kansas 21.

Iowa State (-30) vs. Western Illinois – CW and I collaborated on this line. When I was in middle school, my dad would quiz my brothers and I on the NFL lines for the week, it remains my dream job to set odds for a living. We all have to have aspirations, you know. I had this pegged at 34. Cyclones 44 Necks of Leather 10.

Florida @ Tennessee – I’m convinced all run-of-the-mill SEC games end 20-17. Just wait for it.  Tennessee 20 Florida 17. 

Former Iowa State Kicker Bret Culbertson

Notre Dame @ Michigan State (-5) – I’m pretty sure Notre Dame games have been covered by a major network every single Saturday since the beginning of time. For some reason, it’s become a familiar annoyance to me. After their vacation to Ireland and squeaking by an unranked Purdue, they’re still projected by many to be the best thing since peanut butter… as predicted every year.  You can call me ignorant, but I love me some peanut butter.  I don’t buy it.  Michigan State wins at home by double the spread.     

Alabama (-19) @ Arkansas – Everyone’s allowed to screw up, right?  Unfortunately the BCS rankings don’t think so. Arkansas let one get away last week. I do think it was a fluke, but that doesn’t help them any in this battle. Alabama is like a pit-bull in a chihuahua fight right now in college football. Alabama continues to bring the pain on the road and covers.

Texas (-10.5) @ Ole Miss – Both the Longhorns and the Rebels are off to a great start. I almost think Ole Miss could surprise us with the 552 average yards per game so far this season, but I think Mack Brown and team cover on the road.

TCU (-21) @ Kansas – Welcome. TCU treats Kansas like a Big 12 doormat while they make themselves right at home. I love that TCU is a part of the BIG 12 now.  After the season Kansas had last year, TCU covers.

Iowa State (-30) vs. Western Illinois – Chris Williams and Brent Blum came up with this spread, and I like it.  I think we’re all happy the Clones play this game before conference play.  I’ll follow suit with all my other picks this week and say the Clones cover. ISU has the chance to be a special team this year. What’s the key? NO TURNOVERS is a start.  

Florida @ Tennessee – I can’t wait to see how this matchup turns out.  Florida’s Caleb Sturgis kicked a +50 field goal in each of the first two games of the season and could be a huge factor in this game.  I do think the Vols pull out the upset at home as they continue the passing game.

ABC 5 Sports Director Dave Zawilinski

Notre Dame @ Michigan State (-5) – Toughest line of the week.  I got hosed last week by thinking OSU would go west and roll a suspect Arizona team.  In fact, OSU got rolled.  That’s the way it goes for college freshman on the road.  I actually the golden domers may be better off by going with Ries in this one over the redshirt freshman Golson.  That being said, something tells me MSU will cover.  

Alabama (-19) @ Arkansas – This all depends on whether or not Tyler Wilson plays. If he does I think it’s a no brainer to take the points. I think he will so give me the 19.

Texas (-10.5) @ Ole Miss – Ole Miss isn’t very good.  They lost at home to BYU last year.  Horns Hook’em. 

TCU (-21) @ Kansas – KU will be jacked up for TCU’s first Big 12 game but I don’t think they have the horses to hang with the Horned Frogs.  Lay the 21 and pray you don’t get back door covered. 

Iowa State (-30) vs. Western Illinois – Yes ISU beat Iowa, and yes they’re 2-0, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  My fellow pick’em buddy says ISU hasn’t been favored by more than 25 points in 27 years!  Western Illinois may be bad, but they have a pulse. I’ll take the points.

Florida @ Tennessee – Florida has won a couple of close games. This game is being hyped up more than it should be.  I would lay the points with Tennessee but since I don’t have to let me hear my favorite fight song over and over and over again. Rocky Top Tennessee!!’s Kirk Haaland

Notre Dame @ Michigan St. (-5) — I’m not yet sure on Notre Dame. That whole trip to Dublin really could have been in issue with their struggles against Purdue. I’m tempted to roll with Sparty, and I do think they’ll win, but I don’t trust ’em. I’ll take the points.

Alabama (-19) @ Arkansas — When you lose at home to Louisiana-Monroe the one thing you don’t want to do is host arguably the best team in the country the next week. Typically I’d take the points, but with how the Tide laid the smack down on Michigan in the opening week I have faith in them that they can do it again, even on the road. Roll Tide.

Texas (-10.5) @ Ole Miss — I think the Longhorns will come away with a close win in this one and deflate the puffed out chests of Mississippi/SEC fans. That dynamic does seem interesting here. Mississippi fans seem to be talking a lot of trash on behalf of the rest of their conference while they have done next to nothing to build up that SEC reputation. Anyway, I think the Horns win but don’t cover.

TCU (-21) @ Kansas — The Jayhawks obviously aren’t so good but 21 points, on the road, for the newly christened Big 12 member? I’ll go on a limb here and take the points and go with the Jayhawks.

Iowa State (-30) vs Western Illinois — Here’s the thing, the Leathernecks are really bad. Don’t be fooled by their 2-0 record in wins over mighty Butler and Indianapolis because those were a struggle for WIU. While the Cyclones have built up a reputation of not blowing out teams that they should they haven’t seen a team this bad across from them since Tennessee Tech in 2002 (or perhaps, the last time a team was this bad and played in JTS was one of the teams that Jim Walden fielded?). The Cyclones should be winning by 30 at halftime, I’ll give the points.

Florida @ Tennessee — We still have a lot to learn about the Volunteers since their quasi-impressive opening win over North Carolina State. The Gators came away with a win in College Station last week but they don’t this week. I’m taking Tennessee.

The Voice of the Fan, Trevor Enerson

Notre Dame @ Michigan State (-5) – Tough line. I will take MSU to cover just because I think their defense and rushing game will be good enough to keep it close if not win. Of course, when Brian Kelly and Dantonio play each other, we all win because one has to lose. Notre Dame 24-23

Alabama (-19) @ Arkansas – John L. failed to achieve the proper level of piss heat last week. It will happen again. Tide Rolls 45-13

Texas (-10.5) @ Ole Miss – The Texas defense is for real and Ole Miss isn’t very good. Texas covers 30-10

TCU (-21) @ Kansas – TCU is too good all around. 21 is a lot of points to give a BCS team but I will take them to cover it. TCU 42-17

Iowa State (-30) vs. Western Illinois – Blum writes a few good articles and CW overhauls a website and now they think they’re bookies. Honestly, I don’t think we cover this because I think we get a big lead right away and try out some different players. ISU 42-17

Florida @ Tennessee – Tennessee might be decent this year. At least decent enough to beat a Florida team who has struggled. Tennessee 27-20

Chris Williams, Cyclone Fanatic Publisher 

Notre Dame @ Michigan State (-5) – I refuse to buy into Notre Dame. It’s the same thing every year. They’re always overhyped. Their lines are always inflated. Having said that, betting on the Big Ten scares the living you know what out of me. My gut says go with Sparty though so that’s what I’ll do. 

Alabama (-19) @ Arkansas – Losing to Louisiana-Monroe at home is bad. I understand that. But I also think that there will be a lot of overreaction to it too. I like Arkansas to cover based off of the fact that the Razorbacks will have learned a thing or two last week and will be amped up as all get out for the nation’s top team. 

Texas (-10.5) @ Ole Miss – The fact that Mack Brown is going with one and only one quarterback early this season makes me pick the Longhorns with confidence here. That defense is ridiculous. 

TCU (-21) @ Kansas – It’s got to be embarassing for Kansas to be a three touchdown dog to a program playing in its first league game. Kansas is bad but not that bad. I think TCU is overrated. I’ll take the points. 

Iowa State (-30) vs. Western Illinois – The Cyclones will cover the spread that Blum and I came up with, but not the 38.5 we’re seeing elsewhere. 

Florida @ Tennessee – Full disclosure – I don’t have a freaking clue. I’m not sold on Tennesse though. A win over a mid-level ACC game didn’t impress me. The Gators won in College Station. They’ll do the same in Knoxville. 

Bret Meyer, Former Iowa State Quarterback

Notre Dame @ Michigan State (-5) – Look for Sparty to establish the run and control the tempo of the game. Brian Kelly plays musical chairs any quarterback and turnovers kill the Irish. MSU covers. 

Alabama (-19) @ Arkansas – Tyler Wilson recovering from a concussion and Alabama coming to town….Roll Ride, Bama covers. 

Texas (-10.5) @ Ole Miss – I like Texas to make a statement in SEC country. Horns cover. 

TCU (-21) @ Kansas – A home loss to Rice…TCU covers. 

Iowa State (-30) vs. Western Illinois – Slow start for the Clones, but a big second quarter seals the deal. Clones win, but not by 30. 

Florida @ Tennessee – I love the Vols at home and Tyler Bray, but Dooley just scares me. Gators win a close one in Knoxville. 

Austen Arnaud, Former Iowa State Quarterback

Notre Dame  @Michigan State (-5) – Michigan State covers and wins at home, after getting embarrassed at Notre Dame last year.  Sparty is starting to look like the only legitimate BCS team in the B10.

Alabama (-19)@ Arkansas – It all depends on if Tyler Wilson goes for the Razorbacks. I don’t think he will be available.  Sooooo, Roll Tide! they cover the 3 score spread.

Texas (-10.5) @Ole Miss – This will be an ugly football game. Expect a low scoring battle of defenses here. I think Texas wins but only by a few 20-16.

TCU (-21) @ Kansas – Kansas has zero confidence after losing at home to Rice. TCU comes in and beats down Charlie Weis and the Jayhawks.

Iowa State (-30) vs. Western Illinois – The Iowa State offense will finally put it all together and score 50+. Cyclones win by a lot and cover.

Florida @ Tennessee – I finally believe this game is legitimate again, and I like Tennessee at home against a Florida offense that struggles to score 28-24 Vols.

WHO-TV 13’s Chris Hassel

Notre Dame @ Michigan State (-5) – The Big Ten sucks. With Ohio State on probation. The Spartans are my pick to make the Rose Bowl. ND nearly lost to a mediocre Purdue team. MSU by double digits. 

Alabama (-19) @ Arkansas – Arkansas will get up off the mat. Wouldn’t you we all if we had this kind of motivation?

Texas (-10.5) @ Ole Miss – Eli Manning is going to eat up the UT D. Ole Miss covers and wins. 

TCU (-21) @ Kansas – I just started a dynasty with KU on NCAA ’12. Crist has 17 INT’s in 3 games. Not sure if it’s me or him. Give me TCU. 

Iowa State (-30) vs. Western Illinois – Iowa State will win but I’m worried about a back door cover. I’ll take WIU and the points. 

Florida @ Tennessee – Rocky Top. 

Adam Gray, CF’s Director of Sales

Notre Dame @ Michigan State (-5) – Should be a really good defensive battle. Both teams have solid defenses and offenses that are still trying to find their identity. I will take Brian Kelly over a Big 10 team though and think they cover and win by a FG 20-17.

Alabama(-19) @ Arkansas – Arkansas will go into this game with no confidence and a lot of questions.  I think Bama jumps all over them, runs away with a 31-10 win

Texas (-10.5) @ Ole Miss – Is Texas for real this year? This game is a start for them. The Texas of old would go on the road and beat Ole Miss by 4 TD’s. I don’t think they are there yet, but I think their defense and improving offense are enough to go on the road and cover. Texas 34-17

TCU (-21) @ Kansas – Does it get any better than this for TCU?  First game in the Big 12 and it comes against a Kansas team that just lost to Rice. I think they jump out on Kansas early but Kansas covers 35-17

Iowa State (-30) vs. Western Illinois –  It seems like it’s been a decade since Iowa State has had a "cupcake" on their schedule. This is a game for the offense to roll and get a lot of confidence heading Big 12 play. I look for the defense to keep their opponent out of the endzone for the second straight week. Cyclones roll 45-3

Florida @Tennessee – Florida came back to bite me this week.  I’ll pick against them again.  Tennessee has a great passing game and it’s a home game, so I look for them to break their 7 game losing streak to Florida.  Vols win 24-17



Cyclone Fanatic