EXTRA POINTS: More Cyclone tidbits from Dallas

By Chris Williams, Publisher
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CF Iowa Clinic14’s coverage of the 2011 Big 12 football media days in Dallas is proudly brought to you by the Iowa Clinic’s Urology Department.

I’m back from the “Big D” and I sincerely hope that you all enjoyed’s coverage of the 2011 Big 12 media days in Dallas.

I’ve got a few more Cyclone-related stories that I’ll roll out here over the next few days so stay tuned to the site for that.

Here are some random tidbits that I picked up over the course of Monday and Tuesday that you won’t see in a feature story anywhere else.

Student of the game

Before Jake Knott was “Jake Knott,” he was just like any of you.

Knott would sit down on Sunday afternoons and be a fan of the National Football League. He still watches, but in a different way.

“I can’t even watch a regular NFL game anymore because I’m picking up all of these little things that I’ve trained myself to pick up during film,” Knott said. “I can’t even enjoy and NFL game because it is like a film session.”

Goal for the season

I recently asked Jake Knott about his expectation for the upcoming season.

“Win a bowl game.”

Simple enough.


Musical tastes differ on roster

As you’ll see in a feature tomorrow, Kelechi Osemele listens to “violent” music before games.

Jake Knott is more of a hard rock man.

“Like Slayer and ACDC,” Knott said.

Sounds intense Jake.

“When I’m not listening to that, I like Hootie and the Blowfish.”

That’s not so intense.

To a point I agree with Iowa State’s All-Big 12 linebacker. Hootie and the Blowfish was a solid band. But please, join us in 2011 Jake. It’s Darius Rucker now.

Get your country on.

KO impressed by Sooners line

Kelechi Osemele told me that Oklahoma had the best defensive line that Iowa State saw last season.

"They’re big, strong and physical,” Osemele said.

He specifically mentioned Oklahoma’s Frank Alexander and Texas’ Jackson Jeffcoat as two of the top pass rushers in the league.

“Speed rushers are my worst enemy," said Osemele.

Cotton Bowl liked Iowa State in 2005

I spoke briefly with a Cotton Bowl rep over lunch on Monday. He told me that in 2005, Iowa State was hot on the bowl’s radar as a school to play in the prestigious game. In my opinion, 2005 was the most disappointing and heartbreaking season in Iowa State history.

Back to the point, this man said that with Iowa State’s alumni base in the area, the Cyclones would be a no-brainer for the bowl game in the future. Of course, Iowa State has a lot of work to do before that dream can ever become a reality.