Rohach works with Herman at camp

By Chris Williams, Publisher

Future Cyclone quarterback Grant Rohach was in Ames on Sunday.

The 6-foot-2, 185-pound signal caller out of Moorpark, Calif. committed to Paul Rhoads’ recruiting class of 2012 back in March and was in town attending Iowa State’s summer prospect’s camp.

One of the highlights that Rohach took from Sunday was being able to finally work with Iowa State offensive coordinator and his future position coach Tom Herman.

"It was really good to get some instruction from him," Rohach told"I have talked to him but that was the first time that I’ve worked with him. I think it will be great to work with him. I absolutely loved it the other day."

Bob Elliott is Rohach’s primary recruiter for Iowa State.

"I think that I did well. I tested okay," Rohach said. "I think that I could have done a little bit better."

Rohach threw for 1,800 yards, 21 touchdowns and seven interceptions during his junior season at Moorpark. He also tacked eight rushing touchdowns onto his stat line.

"They (Iowa State’s coaching staff) tell me that they like my quick release," Rohach said. "They like that I can work their type of offense. I have good grades and haven’t really had any problems."


Rohach was born in Iowa City. But don’t hold that against him. He couldn’t help it.

"Both of my parents grew up here (in the state of Iowa, not Iowa City specifically)," Rohach explained. "Pretty much all of our relatives are here. I was born here and grew up here a little bit as a kid. We’re always back here for family stuff and vacations."

Though he was born in Iowa City, Rohach actually spent the majority of his Iowa childhood in Montezuma.

Rohach said that he didn’t grow up a Cyclone or a Hawkeye.

"We were kind of both," Rohach said. "We moved away when I was little so I didn’t have a lot of experiences here. When I visited, I was a Cyclone and a Hawkeye. I rooted for whoever was playing. I just rooted for any Iowa teams."

Now comes the two burning questions. Where does the bulk of Rohach’s family sit when it comes to the rivalry and where will their allegiance be come game day?

"Pretty much half of the family is for Cyclones. The other half is for the Hawkeyes," Rohach said. "A few of them even like UNI. They did say that when I’m playing, they’ll root for me but as soon as I’m gone, things will go back to the way that they were."