WILLIAMS: Post-4th of July Musings

I see you. After that three-day 4th of July weekend, you’re lounging in your work cubicle with some awful posture, a puffy face and a glazed over look in your eyes that screams “hot dog, Busch Light and way too much America” coma.I dig it.Hey, at least it’s a short...

CCL: Burton dominates on finals Sunday

WEST DES MOINES --- Deonte Burton raised his head towards the rafters and yelled with a smile, "I am the real MVP."He had just helped Hannah Homes clinch the 2015 YMCA Capital City League championship with a 112-92 win over Phoenix Renewable Resources...

CCL Recap: McKay makes his CCL debut

WEST DES MOINES – Jameel McKay told Nick Babb he wanted the ball.McKay was making his 2015 YMCA Capital City League debut for YMCA on Sunday evening and his team was tied at 115 with Capital Orthopedics and only four seconds remained on the clock.The reigning ...