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    Shade Tree Recommendation

    Swamp white oak is the tree I've had my eyes on. Both spots in our front yard are the "low" spots in the yard and hold water the longest. I thought a swamp oak would do well in that type of environment. We are debating about putting in a rain garden in one of the spots and directing our...
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    Shade Tree Recommendation

    Agreed. We got a beautiful blaze maple with the purchase but I feel like that is what everyone picks. It's good to have diversity to prevent issues like we are seeing with ash or elm over the years. We just built last year and are looking to add a few more trees to the property as soon as we...
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    Average Joe Cyclone Fan contribute to NIL

    I like to challenge myself to determine the story behind the data. Why for example is our alumni so large compared to our donation base? Playing devils advocate here, ISU wasn't a "power house" of alumni growth until around the 2000 era. It was around this time that the number of students at...
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    Fertilizing my lawn for initial spring application

    I have a similar thing in my patch of new grass. I lost a bunch of sod in the drought last year and seeded last fall as well as a week ago. Just yesterday, I had hundreds of what look like little succulents pop up. I got home late so didn't get a great look but would like to attack it this...
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    2022 Concerts

    One of my biggest regrets is missing that concert. I couldn't remember what conflict I had but many of my friends were there and it sounded like an amazing show.
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    2022 Concerts

    Wife and I are headed to Nathanial Rateliff at Red Rocks in August. Saw him live there once and it was a hell of a show. We're really looking forward to it again!
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    Fertilizing my lawn for initial spring application

    I had contacted WDM about the same program. Water quality improvements and soil quality are both programs they offer grant money on. You could have played tennis on our yard the day before they laid the sod. Bought an aerator as this is something I'll have to do for some time. Also wanted to...
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    Fertilizing my lawn for initial spring application

    My guess is that you're just fine. I did mine last week when my soil temps were above 50. I was tearing out some scrub brush on a part of the property and didn't have any issues with frost. I temped the soil at 52 so assumed I was good to go. Then we got snow and week of cold temps lol...
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    Which Team of ISU Basketball Players Would You Pick?

    Same rationale for me. Team 2 simply because Royce was essentially un-guardable. I felt like all around play would be slightly better on Team 2 as well as Babb defense people seem to forget about. It was a struggle for me between 1 & 2 but ultimately I think Team 2 has just enough of a gap to...
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    Friday OT #2 - Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

    Travel is a passion of mine that I've recently been able to afford. Over the last 5 years I've made it to: *Backpacking/camping the Canadian Rockies *Japan *New Zealand *Canary Islands *Lisbon, Portugal *Heading to Italy in May (thanks @Angie for the info!) New Zealand was hands down my...
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    This is exactly what I feared. …. Crap

    I was thinking along the same lines. It's like being pissed off because your neighbor with the nice house just got 20% over asking price and you're planning on listing your house soon. Other than taking one buyer off the market, your comp just went up.
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    Trip to Italy

    I was always drawn to the BA flights until you get to the end and they add their damn fuel surcharges in.
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    Trip to Italy

    My wife and I are going for 12 days in a couple of months. We heard the same and relegated Venice down to a "maybe" day trip depending how we feel. We are splitting the time in Rome, Florence, Parma, and Lake Garda. Parma is the shortest stop and really just for food. Wanted to end in Lake...
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    OLED TV worth it?

    As stupid as it really depends on you. My wife and I have two LG TV's in the house. One LED upstairs in the living room and my OLED CX in the basement. The LED upstairs is just fine and all the TV my wife would ever want. It get's 4k resolution with HDR so she's happier than a...
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    Hinterland 2022 Speculation Thread

    Went to a turtles concert a few years ago and it was pretty good. Rateliff at Red Rocks though was ******* amazing.