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    Smoker Questions

    I caught COVID at the tail end of last week, which turned what was going to be a 9-day trip back home for the holiday into a 3-day trip with about 14 hours of it spent on the road, but I'll be damned if I wasn't gonna cook my first complete Thanksgiving dinner. We'd gotten smoked turkey from a...
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    Makes you want to eat at home...

    Now imagine being single and cooking that food to feed one person. Twice as many meals, even if the tradeoff is occasional depression from always cooking for one.
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    Which entrée do you order?

    This. Why are we overthinking this?
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    What’s going at Casey’s?

    I don't get to Casey's very often now (the closest one is about an hour away from where I live), but it's definitely been hit or miss. The one a few blocks from where I stay in Madison when I'm covering state tournaments is seriously lacking. They're woefully understaffed, to the point that you...
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    Smoker Questions

    Reed, Heath Riles and Meat Church are all channels that I subscribe to. Tons of great recipes, tips and tricks.
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    **** daylight savings

    I never have any issue with the switch back to standard time, but I'm still firmly in favor of springing forward and then never going back. We only use "standard" time for 1/3 of the year, anyway. How ****ing standard can it be?
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    Powerball Sat... When you win it

    I'd pay off debts for myself and all of my immediate family. Get a new car (mine's 10 years old). Buy all of the camera gear I could ever want. Then either move back to Iowa City or to the PNW. My dream house in Iowa City sold a couple years ago, but I'd still probably move back and then shoot...
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    HBO cancels Westworld

    Not even sort of.
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    Smoker Questions

    Brisket chili is an obvious go-to. I've never tried using smoked chicken before, but I do make some bomb chicken noodle soup using grilled rotisserie chicken.
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    Smoker Questions

    Seems like most of the time when I see a spatchcock recipe, they blitz through it at 350-375 for the entire cook.
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    Smoker Questions

    Buffalo is my go-to wing, but this is a really good lemon pepper wing recipe ( I just use the marinade/wet rub and cook them using whatever method suits my mood. You can’t go wrong with the Vortex if you’re using charcoal. Gets you...
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    Mahomes or Allen?

    It's definitely Mahomes, IMO, but the Bills are better built currently so Allen will probably be the more successful of the two over the next few years.
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    In honor of Easter, what's your favorite frozen pizza?

    Screamin' Sicilian is by far the best frozen pizza I've ever had.
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    Smoker Questions

    Butter under the skin should translate fine to a smoker just fine, I would think. I'm more concerned about how it would pair with a brined bird. I'm for sure gonna brine; I just want to be sure that also using butter won't lead to the skin not getting crisp or something like that before I do it...
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    Smoker Questions

    Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and the guy who my family has been buying smoked turkey from for the last 20 years has retired, so now I'm in charge of cooking the entire meal (I was already making the mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and dressing/stuffing). Has anyone smoked a...