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  1. Rural

    Worst Fruit?

    Lindsey Graham
  2. Rural

    Feedback: Please report new forum bugs here

    A couple different posters messages are blank.
  3. Rural

    College Football Claiming Poverty

    There's going to be a reboot to end all reboots of this system courtesy of a virus.
  4. Rural

    NBA: **Cyclones in the NBA and G-League, 2019-2020

    OT Monte 17 in 2nd half after donut in the first.
  5. Rural

    The Fran fade

    Always with the all freshman team stuff. Always
  6. Rural

    Darryl from New Shannon on KXNO shows

    A true to life southern accent is when whatever is being spoken seems like it takes maximum effort to barely be pushed out over the bottom lip.
  7. Rural

    Tough day for EIU hoops hopes

    Didn't they go from 2 positive cases to 3? That's going to be a tough thing for them. I'll just type a word to try to gracefully describe the situation. Intimate
  8. Rural

    Tough day for EIU hoops hopes

    There's more than a few just like him.
  9. Rural

    MLB season on the verge of shutting down.

    He's informed them he bailing because of COVID.
  10. Rural

    RIP Wilford Brimley

    Kirk was 103.
  11. Rural

    Misc: ***Official 2020 PGA Tour***

    In general the European players are doing terrible in this event which is somewhat odd because the place is definitely not bomb and gouge. The shortest hitter in the field is leading so irons and putting are doing the job.
  12. Rural

    RIP Wilford Brimley

    I first remember seeing him in "China Syndrome" A great part and he did it well.
  13. Rural

    RIP Wilford Brimley

    "I'm gonna have somebody's ass in muh briefcase".
  14. Rural

    Darryl from New Shannon on KXNO shows

    Old Sharon was quite a gal.
  15. Rural

    Athletic Facilities across the Nation

    Looks like 55 mil has already been left behind.