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    Blake Hinson Committed To ISU!

    Sick is the new vacation.
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    Cam Lard

    how much to bail him out?
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    Jalen Coleman-Lands Commits to ISU

    depaul was awful at shooting as that was close to highest percentage on the team. Could have been better if he was surrounded by more shooters. plus high volume, 193 attempts. Highest number of attempts from an isu player this year was 160.
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    ***Official 2019-2020 Transfer Thread***

    or maybe just mention it on a message board or hint at the possibility instead of screaming to the rooftops he committed.
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    ***Official 2019-2020 Transfer Thread***

    here, I will help. Even if you know, you shouldn’t say anything in an official report That will show up on a google news search until he’s ready to announce.
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    Jalen Coleman-Lands Commits to ISU

    Two left.
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    ***Official 2019-2020 Transfer Thread***

    it was posted nine hours ago: he’s probably sleeping.
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    Would you leave a job you like for more money?

    If you like your job and the draw to the other company is simply higher pay, just remind your employer of the value you bring to the team and ask for additional comp and or added perks. If they aren’t willing, keep flirting.
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    Chaundee Brown Final 4 List

    espn has em listed as 17th which bumps up the composite. The actual 247 ranking is 31. I could argue he’s taking out the espn ranking to fit his narrative but I can also argue he took it out because espns rating system is a joke. Neither answer matters, just explaining the numbers.
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    Chaundee Brown Final 4 List

    Rasir Bolton might go pro after next year? Really?
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    I might have COVID-19

    That sucks. Be sure to quarantine for two weeks or until you get test results back. Just make sure they are paying you and if you can work from home, offer to do so
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    Chaundee Brown Final 4 List

    Hot chicks.
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    Chaundee Brown Final 4 List

    If you love Iowa State, why would you post anything insinuating we are violating NCAA rules on a free message board that can be read by anyone, including NCAA investigators? I’m just gonna assume anyone making these claims are full of ****.
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    Chaundee Brown Final 4 List

    i believe we were in garrets final five but it was clear as day he was going to pick ku.
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    INSIDER: Updated Michael Flowers information

    really fishing for that iowa State offer, eh?