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    Which fast food restaurant gives you the worst poops?

    I've called Taco Bell T-Schits my whole life. I still think it's McDonalds
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    Friday OT - Southern Trees Bear a Strange Fruit

    Fish sauce is awesome, it just took me awhile to dial in how much to use. My first batch of kimchi called for 1/2 cup of fish sauce in a gallon batch. That one took me awhile to power through.
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    Friday OT - Southern Trees Bear a Strange Fruit

    I have a bunch of fermented stuff. Kimchi, kraut, beets, giardiniera, hot sauces, kombucha, random brines from said ferments.
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    NBA: 2022 NBA Playoffs

    What a ****** game. Stoked for the Bucks. Lindell is wilding
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    What's growing? The garden thread.

    50 tomato plants, holy smokes! I can usually get 50 quarts from 4 plants or so. For those of you who like green beans try the jade variety. They're sweet almost like a snap pea and the seeds don't get huge when the pods get big. Plus they're not fuzzy.
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    Friday OT #1 - Cookie Doughn't You Want Me Baby

    I love cottage cheese but Daisy brand is gross. Velveeta "cheese product" also gives me the heebie jeebies.
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    Random Thread of Photography

    It is a fun word to say. I see more wood ducks than any other duck in Iowa and they're not always that vibrant.
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    Random Thread of Photography

    That's a beautiful woodie. Well done
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    Gabe Kalscheur officially back for next year

    Gabe was so good last summer that TJ said he wanted him to "hunt his shot like Steph Curry." If he can even get to 33% from 3 it will go a long way next year. We know the defense will be there.
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    Sprite no-burping challenge

    I remember it going viral on Tosh.O or something around 2010. I think it was 2 bananas for that one.
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    Sprite no-burping challenge

    I'm not sure that anyone really knows. The theory is that the bananas fill your stomach up and the carbonation has nowhere to escape quick enough. Ignorant me thinks that I could do it even after seeing the videos
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    Sprite no-burping challenge

    Reminds me of the sprite and bananas challenge. Apparently you can't eat 2 bananas and a liter of sprite without puking after.
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    POLL: How much will you contribute to the collective

    Not my chair not my problem, that's what I say.
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    Tyrese Hunter Entering the Transfer Portal - NIL Speculation

    People keep saying this but Tyrese was way, way better as a freshman than Caleb Love was as a freshman for example. Love was also a year older playing with UNC talent amd Roy Williams as a coach. Who cares if the average fan doesn't know who Tyrese is, he was still awesome.