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    Donarski invited to USA U19 world cup trials

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    ***WBB: 2021 Recruiting Thread***

    I don't disagree. But it is a nice article, and it's also good that she won for the second year in a row.
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    ***WBB: 2021 Recruiting Thread***
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    WBB: Miscellaneous Thread for 2020-21 Season

    Looks like a couple of their now-former players announced their new schools. Nobody new on the portal for them.
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    ***WBB: 2024 Recruiting Thread***

    Added Chloe Spreen to the list.
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    ***WBB: 2021 Recruiting Thread***

    Updated with Coleman verbal to UTSA nearly two weeks ago. I somehow missed it when it happened.
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    ***WBB: 2022 Recruiting Thread***

    Out of the available 2022 recruits out there, she's clearly the #1 priority of the ISU staff. She'd be a huge get.
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    Mulkey to LSU?

    The next question is whether she had her pension contributions refunded to her when she originally left Louisiana (which she may have been eligible to do), but I imagine she'd likely repay those refunded contributions so she can get her full pension benefit back. I now know way more about the...
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    Mulkey to LSU?

    After a little googling, it looks like generally only base salary is included in pension calculations. But I don't know if that's the case for Louisiana.
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    Mulkey to LSU?
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    Mulkey to LSU?

    Her base salary is $400k. I wonder if the supplemental compensation counts in the pension calculation.
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    Mulkey to LSU?

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    ***WBB: 2021 Recruiting Thread***

    New transfer name added to the list: Beatriz Jordão from USF. She's a 6'3" post who was good as a freshman before a season-ending injury, and has played more sparingly the past two years.
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    WBB: Way too early 2022 Bracketology ISU is a 4 seed, which is reasonable. Others: Baylor 1 Iowa 3 WVU 4 Texas 9 OSU 11 (last 4 in) OU 1st 4 out LSU Next 4 out
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    Mulkey to LSU?