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  1. JimmyChitwood

    Yellowstone NP

    I just got back from Yellowstone 2 weeks ago. Amazing views. We stayed at a ranch resort about 45 minutes from the park. It has a full restaurant serving 3 meals per day. Also a full bar.
  2. JimmyChitwood

    [Committed] '21 CB 6'3" Winsome Frazier

    Any idea of when his announcement is?
  3. JimmyChitwood

    Clemson Players to lead protest.

    Dabo might want to think about marching with them.
  4. JimmyChitwood

    Beach Vacation

    I spent two weeks in Belize about 6 years ago and absolutely loved it. The only downside was the locals will bug the **** out of you to sell you junk.
  5. JimmyChitwood

    Gary Barta Timeline

    The gift that keeps on giving.
  6. JimmyChitwood

    2020 Football Schedule Poster

    Just bought 2 shirts. Doing anything we can to help.
  7. JimmyChitwood

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

    One of my favorite movies so far this year.
  8. JimmyChitwood

    WATN: Brent "Big Play" Curvey (updated)

    Another great article Rob. Thank you.
  9. JimmyChitwood

    Ticket Renewal

    Bought and paid for with an increase in my donation.
  10. JimmyChitwood

    Brock Purdy Mullet

    It's simply glorious.
  11. JimmyChitwood

    Tiger King on netflix

    IMO one of the better Netflix docs they have ever put out there.
  12. JimmyChitwood

    I will be looking to purchase a different vehicle

    I buy a new car every 3 to 4 years. When I do, it's in December. I get the current year's model. The dealership's seem to "slash" prices trying to get rid of that year's model so they can start moving the new model's.
  13. JimmyChitwood

    JUCO G Keon Ellis offered

    SWCC doesn't have a football program. I think you mean IWCC in Council Bluffs.
  14. JimmyChitwood

    Bills sign AJ Klein

    Smart move to bag the money now while he has a few years left in the league.