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  1. Jacktronic

    *** Official Kansas State vs IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    This is a real bummer, I really enjoyed basketball season.
  2. Jacktronic

    ***CFB Games Saturday Nov. 28***

    lol @ that last Northwestern play
  3. Jacktronic

    EMAW tears in the morning

    Every man a wildcat.
  4. Jacktronic

    Next James Bond after Daniel Craig?

    Robert Pattinson
  5. Jacktronic

    Big Ten and Pac-12 cancel 2020 fall football seasons

    No one should be playing.
  6. Jacktronic

    Dowling and Valley recruiting players From all over

    My alma mater... sucks.
  7. Jacktronic

    Overcoming Life's Obstacles

    Almost 2 years ago my stomach started hurting. Imagine the burning sensation when you haven't eaten for a while, but turned up a notch. I shrugged it off for the first few weeks, but it only worsened with time. Over the next year I saw multiple specialists (internal medicine...
  8. Jacktronic

    Kirk Ferentz getting sued for being racist

    It's 12:30a at the time of this post and you're online viewing a rival's forum where the last new post was ~50 minutes ago. Holy **** your life sucks. Off to bed, my man.
  9. Jacktronic

    Hey Chris. Quick account question. Initially I was a Tier 1 forum member, with automatic...

    Hey Chris. Quick account question. Initially I was a Tier 1 forum member, with automatic payments to Matt Lazear through my credit card (Discover). After upgrading to the Tier 2 recently (payment via Paypal) I'm still paying both the $5 tier 1 fee and the $12 tier 2 fee. If I try to cancel the...
  10. Jacktronic

    ***Official 2019-2020 Transfer Thread***

    Bank the 3 schollies, I love it.
  11. Jacktronic

    Do you think Niang or other cyclones got paid?

    The NCAA is ******** so I hope plenty of our guys got some cash.
  12. Jacktronic


    Dude's got thin skin, he blocked me for mocking his engagement numbers.
  13. Jacktronic

    M&Ms or Skittles?

    I will sit there and eat Sour Skittles until the sour powder burns sores into my mouth. And then I'll eat some more.
  14. Jacktronic

    Tyler Harris Commits to ISU.

    An absolute crucial piece if they allow for immediate eligibility next year.