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    Stansbury Loses His Mind: Breece is Better Cheetah than Cheetah is Breece

    Hey, blame Jared. I'm the voice of reason. Don't get me started on the fact that after the first touchdown, the Cheetah will be too exhausted to eat, much less recover for another run. In a a three-to-four hour game, you'll be very lucky to get more than 3 or 4 running plays out of the cheetah...
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    Stansbury Loses His Mind: Breece is Better Cheetah than Cheetah is Breece

    Brother, I didn't even break out the highly scientific T-Davis 28 Paradox Value to close my case. Trust me, that seals it tighter than Iowa State's latest polymer additive to asphalt.
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    Stansbury Loses His Mind: Breece is Better Cheetah than Cheetah is Breece Jared has apparently quarantined all his brain cells this time. There is simply no way that a 120 pound cheetah - even a cheetah that artificially understands the game...
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    Congrats Tom Herman!

    Oh, and Pop Warner won 3 national titles too. Might as well count him for his three years while we're piling on.
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    Congrats Tom Herman!

    Yes. Johnny Majors. HC here, HC for Pitt. Also Earl Bruce won 4 Big Ten titles after he left here.
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    CPR needs to go

    Not anymore it can't. Conference-winning coaches in the Big Ten get paid a lot more than Iowa State will ever offer. ISU had a dead, dead, dead, basketball program and were able to throw what was comparably a lot of money. Michigan thought Orr was bluffing. So, in order to get Pelini, you have...
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    CPR needs to go

    Okay. Then definitely CPR is out the door. In 2017. But only if he wins nine games between now and then. I'm glad you can see the future so clearly, because heaven knows I can't. Just to give you an idea at how bad I am at predicting the future, this morning I had no idea that Iowa State would...
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    What is wrong with our defense?

    The defense gave the offense plenty of opportunity to run the clock out today and win with the 4 touchdowns. I'm not sure what meltdown you are talking about. It wasn't the defense that got clocked with the sideline unsportsmanlike. It wasn't the defense that forgot to review the key catch out...
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    CPR needs to go

    Tip #1: When accused of drinking, NEVER admit to being sober. That will instantly rob you of any plausible deniability. You never know when that might come in handy. Tip #2: CPR is going no where, so you may just want to deal with it. In case you weren't at the game today, a packed and...
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    ***Official Diamond Head Classic Tournement Thread***

    Yes, they most definitely were. Oregon State is akin to Nebraska. Yes they are in a basketball conference. No they don't play basketball.
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    Difference between UNI and Kansas games

    Some perspective: this team has been a) young, b) competitive all season, c) more injured than average years d) with a laughably disruptive schedule of a bye month to begin the season and nothing after and a e) league that so clearly decided to weight its reffing toward the ranked teams (for...
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    New article on why Gable left ISU for UI

    I fully accept the story that Gable was bought with a box of tape, but only because it provides evidence of the fundamental defining characteristic of the two-sided nature of a Hawkeye: Their bad quality is that they tend to be whores but, in their favor, at least they are cheap!
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    Player makes embarrassing gaffe — again

    UConn is a dump college. I wouldn't be surprised if they offer a degree in point shaving. I'm pretty sure their library's prize feature is a collection of trans-species pornography. I think their criminal justice program has classes in car-jacking. Their accounting program thinks STDEV is a...
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    Odd NCAA Tourney Mascots

    This year's weak on the goofy mascots. Besides the Wichita State Wheatshockers, and the good old Catamounts, nobody really has anything that odd. I wish Gonzaga would change their mascot to the 'Zags. Bulldogs are sleep-inducing. The NIT has some better ones:the Mavericks (which I think was the...
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    Player makes embarrassing gaffe — again

    Maybe someone's just messing with poor Roscoe. Even though it was in games against ISU and Texas, I just bet them Duke boys had something to do with it. Where's Uncle Kryzewski? I've heard rumors that Boss Hogg Keady will come out of retirement to get to the bottom of all this. This is sheriff...