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  1. Gunnerclone

    Covid-19 Vaccine News - AstraZeneca production error

    that’s the thing, it’s all too fast. Corners have to be cut to be on the current timeline.
  2. Gunnerclone

    Happy Thanksgiving

  3. Gunnerclone

    Trading Cards Thread

    Don’t get me started on Panini sticker books.
  4. Gunnerclone

    Bowen Born

    AJ Green is the one that got away from everyone. He’s wasted in that system.
  5. Gunnerclone

    Predictions for the 2020-21 Iowa State men’s basketball season

    .500 in conference would be a good season.
  6. Gunnerclone

    2020 Claims Another Victim

    Diego Maradona dead at 60. Guy was a legend. I used to watch VHS tapes of him over and over and over. When he returned for WC ‘94 it was the greatest moment in US soccer history history. The guy lived his life to its fullest and druggiest. He will be missed. RIP.
  7. Gunnerclone

    Trading Cards Thread

    My most prized card is a 1984 Topps baseball Gary Gaetti. I would entertain offers starting at $5,000 for that card.
  8. Gunnerclone

    Trading Cards Thread

    87 Topps was my favorite set ever. Ihave a unopened complete set and I collected the entire set through packs back in the day.
  9. Gunnerclone

    Thanksgiving Prop bets

    People to complain about athletes knelling for the anthem greater than 1.
  10. Gunnerclone

    TV Buying guide

    We’re a Vizio house. I’m not huge in to pixels and zones and backlight or whatever. I just want it to turn on fast and have easy menus. 24” 40” 55” 65” All varied in age from 1-4 years old and all different “series”. Not sure which ones are which but I think the 40” inch is the “M” series and...
  11. Gunnerclone

    2020 Stocks

    5G Iphones is going to be a big upgrade incentive as well.
  12. Gunnerclone

    2020 Stocks

    AAPL is still at a decent price imo. I’m not sure if I can hold out until it drops below $110.
  13. Gunnerclone

    Best Thanksgiving Dessert

    Whats oatmeal pie? Like an oatmeal cream pie?
  14. Gunnerclone

    What is Sagarin smoking this season?

    Seems like hash with a little kief sprinkled on top.
  15. Gunnerclone

    ***Official USMNT Thread***

    I mean, I’m really excited now that the goal is to just get to the WC for the US. Yayyyyy. Until the USMNT is divorced from the MLS we won’t be very good.