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    Haliburton to Miss Remainder of Season

    Pack it up. Burn this season down and never speak of it again. Doomed from day one.
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    KXNO/iHeart Layoffs

    This isn't funny. You're being an *******.
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    KXNO/iHeart Layoffs

    It's like losing two friends. I mean, you don't know them personally but I don't know how else to describe it.
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    KXNO/iHeart Layoffs

    "Employee dislocation" "Centers of excellence" Who the **** writes this ********? Basically they are replacing everyone with robots and churning out trash. Hope the listeners and advertisers dump them like the pile of **** they are...
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    KXNO/iHeart Layoffs

    This is so horrible.
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    Dave Andrews - New Football Strength Coach

    Love a good Criner reference for the youngin's now and then. Some don't know how good they got it.
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    Dave Andrews - New Football Strength Coach

    God you're old. :)
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    To all the Prohm Haters...

    And had the talent to win the conference outright last year to only finish 9-9. I would argue that last year's team was a bigger failure in coaching than this one.
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    Campustown Redevelopment

    Yepm try Which Which. I imagine I will just never go there with kids.
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    Campustown Redevelopment

    Have you ever tried parking there? Most is permit only. I gave up the few times I wanted to park there and just hit a side street. And that was in the summer, good luck when school is actually in session.
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    Big 12 Championship Game Projection

    Ah. I think I figured it out. OSU could run the table and they would have tiebreaker over us.
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    Big 12 Championship Game Projection

    thanks. One thing I don't understand. If ISU went 9-3 what scenario keeps them out of the championship game? I'm sure it's a tiebreaker somewhere I am just missing. Wouldn't we would have tiebreaker against TX, KSt, and OU in that scenario? Who am I missing?
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    Game Atmosphere

    The concessions are a joke but it's been that way for so long it doesn't even phase me anymore. I don't even bother. And it isn't Levi, I've been to plenty of venues that contract with them and the concessions are a night and day difference. I understand that it is mostly staffed with...
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    Blum: What if I told you...

    So my takeaway from this is that we are basically just as good as Alabama.
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    NFL: New Bears QB?

    Only if they can throw a **** ton of cash and a guaranteed like ten year contract at him.