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  1. Frak

    Is ISU looking at any guys in the Portal?

    I'll disagree with that unless we are moving to a 4-2-5 (unlikely). I just don't think that he's big enough to play 3-3 DE on running downs. That is, unless Andrews finds a way to put 15 lbs on him this offseason. If that happens, he's hands down our best DE ever.
  2. Frak

    Is ISU looking at any guys in the Portal?

    I feel like we'll be fine there. Isheem Young was just a RSFR and he'll get better. Eisworth is solid, although probably not fast enough to cover like they want. White had some good games, but he struggled some games as well. It seems like they are willing to sacrifice speed and coverage...
  3. Frak

    Geno responds to Kim Mulkey

    I would think that playing basketball would be about as high of a transmission rate as you could possibly see. Players are breathing hard and sweating in close contact. That said, the reason why they aren't getting COVID from playing is that all the players are tested prior to games. The...
  4. Frak

    Is ISU looking at any guys in the Portal?

    Yeah, as good as McDonald is, he's a 4-3 DE and not a 3-3 DE. He's great when he rotates in on passing downs or after teams have given up on the run game. He's just not built to be an every down player in this defense and trying to make him that will likely affect his ability to rush the...
  5. Frak

    Iowa Football Recruiting

    They wanted Brecht no doubt. Their WR list pretty much started and ended with Noel, Michaud and Brecht. Had a chance there and lost out. Not having baseball didn't help. Colby and Liddle were never going to ISU. That's just the way it goes on that side of the state. ISU wanted Llewellyn...
  6. Frak

    Is ISU looking at any guys in the Portal?

    IMO the roster is pretty much set. I don't think with how senior heavy the roster is, you really want to go get another grad transfer. It would take someone who is a definite starter and major upgrade. Now, if they can find an underclassmen (even if he has to sit this fall), I'd be all for...
  7. Frak

    All Iowa Football Team---Post Bowl Edition

    Do you really think that ISU fans believe they are in for an OU type run of titles until Campbell is gone? If so, you’re being messed with and falling for it. Realistically, after this senior class leaves, I’d be happy with a bowl game. If 6-6/7-5 is the down season and they climb back up...
  8. Frak

    Iowa Football Recruiting

    Iowa wasn’t that good. Easily one of the worst teams on our schedule had they played.
  9. Frak

    ATH/RB Eli Sanders Obviously Chooses ISU over Iowa

    Yeah, let’s give good ol Kirk the benefit of the doubt. He obviously had no idea what Doyle was doing for 20 years despite being a control freak about every other aspect of the program.
  10. Frak

    ATH/RB Eli Sanders Obviously Chooses ISU over Iowa

    But, but, but...they have four 4* OLs signed! What RB wouldn't want to play there? Never mind that ISU just had the nation's leading rusher and our former starter just had a 1000 yard season in the league.
  11. Frak

    JTS Improvements - Want More

    Just look at the floorplan. Basement of the new building is going to be Softball and Soccer. They have locker rooms, a weight room, batting cages. And I'm guessing they are there because those sports use the IPF at times. Other Olympic sports (T&F, Wrestling) use Lied, so it makes sense to...
  12. Frak

    For NFL die hards, would you accept Coach Campbell leaving for your team?

    Are there actually Cyclone fans that care about the NFL more than the Cyclones? Because I don’t want to know them.
  13. Frak

    Oregon-angle Fiesta Bowl Analysis

    The game went exactly how Campbell wanted it to. He's perfectly happy being up by more than one score and just methodically marching down the field to kick a short FG. This game had a time of possession similar to a service academy game. With our offense's ability to pick up 1st downs, the...
  14. Frak

    Players to take the biggest step foward next season.

    Yeah, throw in Antoine and Purchase there too. From what I've seen, that 2nd CB spot should be a wide open competition. My other questions on Defense are who plays White's position and if McDonald can put on enough weight to be an every down player (or if not, who gets those snaps). Either...
  15. Frak

    Players to take the biggest step foward next season.

    This. The OL was really good by ISU standards. Much better than any OL so far under Campbell. And that was with starting 2 RSFR almost all season. But, really good DLs gave them fits. Perkins, Winfrey, Thomas, Bonnito from OU got into the backfield a lot and caused Purdy to make mistakes...