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    Wife of former Drake assistant is scum

    Yah. Not enough scabs on her face.
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    Wife of former Drake assistant is scum

    That's a meth booking pic. Sad.
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    Marty Tirrell arrested on fraud charges

    Jail not a bad gig for him. Go from homeless where a man that size isn't sure where his next meal is coming from ... to a bed and 3 meals a day. And the sex? All you want, just maybe not the kind you want. But still, for a guy who's his size and that goofy looking ... your romantic life...
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    Will Mahomes play vs the Bills

    Appears Mahomes got one of these.
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    NFL: Kansas City Chiefs Thread

    NFL and State Farm will assure Mahomes plays next week. $$$$
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    NFL: Kansas City Chiefs Thread

    No wonder he hasn't played in 13 seasons
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    ATH/RB Eli Sanders Obviously Chooses ISU over Iowa

    Hawks fortunate Eli even walked on their lawn for awhile .... and took a dump.
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    ***Official 2021 Weather Thread***

    Clean the areas off with rubbing alcohol, rub the silicone on it and let it sit for maybe a day and bam, no more snow clogging up the snow blower. That's what she said.....
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    Covid incidents?

    Haven't seen anything about covid impacting our... or for that matter other programs. Basically opposite to college basketball situation. Seems like it would be a sport severely hampered given all the contact training.
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    Just as the 80s

    Was a critical turning point for football in the state of Iowa... so will be the 20s. Let the degenerates hang on to history. So glad we have the future to hold instead of the dead and dark past. Don't let these skeletons drag you into the grave. Onward Cyclone faithful! It's the 70s again!
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    Matt Campbell Watch

  12. F

    Matt Campbell Watch

    Zero harm? Very much disagree. How about recruiting! This starts the Hoiberg *hit all over again. Other teams use it again us when fighting for a recruit.
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    RIP Tanya Roberts

    Bond. James Bond.
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    Six Head NFL coaching jobs available.

    I don't see Matt leaving for ANY job right now. He will not walk into the facility and look those young men in the eyes and tell them that after all he's asked of them, and they delivered. But that's just how I think.
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    JTS Improvements - Want More

    Will be wheelchair friendly so that's perfect for most of us.