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  1. DarkStar

    Pac-12 plans massive loan program to bail out athletic departments

    Is this why my priority seating donations go to the foundation and not the athletic department? I've always found it strange that revenue always matched expenses even when the number of people attending games and rapidly increasing expenses were not in sync. Even happened in years when ticket...
  2. DarkStar

    Pac-12 plans massive loan program to bail out athletic departments

    Back when Hilton flooded, I seem to remember someone reporting that ISU is self insured and the athletic department had to file their insurance claim with the university. So my guess would be yes. I'm a data guy in IT. Worked at a nonprofit for a little while. Any accountants or...
  3. DarkStar

    Pac-12 plans massive loan program to bail out athletic departments

    Non profits are allowed to run a surplus. They are limited in what they can do with that surplus. Many try to maximize their surplus, like for profit companies try to maximize their profit, so they can grow in size to offer their services to more people.
  4. DarkStar

    Alert: He's back

    And there was much rejoicing... :jimlad:
  5. DarkStar

    College Football Claiming Poverty

    You have $86 million in operating expenses/revenue and looking at a $40 million loss. I'll let you translate that to acres
  6. DarkStar

    College Football Claiming Poverty

    I hear federal crop insurance doesn't cover the whole loss. Barely covers the costs of some of the inputs. At least that was what it sounded like. They still have to go to the bank to make up the difference to put in next years crop. Any farmers want to clarify?
  7. DarkStar

    College Football Claiming Poverty

    Anyone know the interest rate ISU would pay if they just borrowed the $40 million? I can't imagine the annual payment on a 30 year $40 million note would be more than $1.5 million per year or less than 2% of the annual budget. How do farmers make up their shortage when they lose a crop?
  8. DarkStar

    Phil Steele Prediction

    That is one ding on CMC. Before he came along, Kirk could never say he had a winning record against ISU in 18 years of trying. I'm still pissed at CMC for saying he didn't think it was much of a rivalry.
  9. DarkStar

    Phil Steele Prediction

    It's almost like CMC has some experience with what it takes to play on the D-Line at an All America or All conference level...
  10. DarkStar

    SEC conference only

    Same way it always has been judged. By TV ratings.
  11. DarkStar

    Ball state added to Schedule

  12. DarkStar

    Would you succeed in 1900?

    Which family do I get to be born into? Start out a rockefeller and I would do ok.
  13. DarkStar

    USD Athletics Director Letter to Coyote Nation

    Who keeps the money from the tickets sold by the ISU ticket office?
  14. DarkStar

    USD Athletics Director Letter to Coyote Nation

    Which is what ISU should pay them if the Big 12 decides to go with a conference only schedule. They are clearly ready to hold up their end of the agreement. FWIW: The Hawkeyes should reimburse ISU for any lost revenue from the Cy-Hawk game because they canceled. Edit: Only people that are...