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    2021 NFL draft thread

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    2021 NFL draft thread

    What are the chances Soehner/Bailey get picked late round?
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    Tom Manning a candidate for KU FB job

    Monken could be a sneaky good hire. Triple option in the Big 12 wouldn't be something fun to face. If its run right it can make up for the talent disadvantage KU is at
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    ***2021 College Football Thread***

    Not sure if this is the thread for this, but does anyone else listen to Unnecessary Roughness? Huge fan, and they usually have good things to say about the Cyclones. Walker also hates Iowa which is awesome
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    ISU #4 in ESPN FPI

    This is probably the best OU team since 2008. Beating them once, let alone twice is going to be difficult
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    ISU #4 in ESPN FPI

    Can't wait to play UNI way too close
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    Jalen Coleman-Lands is has entered the transfer portal

    So who’s left at this point?
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    ***Official 2021 NCAA Tournament Thread***

    I really hate to see Baylor win
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    Robert Jones commits to ISU

    Someone tell me why I should be excited, because at first glance this doesn’t seem like a great add
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    ***Official 2021 NCAA Tournament Thread***

    Now that there aren't any Big 10 teams left, Baylor can go ahead and lose
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    Old Mediocre Has-Been Desperate To Appear Relevant; aka JBo To Return

    Who the hell would want to use his likeness anyways? I scored as many points and had less technicals than he did in the tournament and I sat on my couch
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    MLB: Who’s the greatest hitter of all time?

    George Brett
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    WVU transfer Tykee Smith

    Anyone seen Isheem Young’s Instagram story from today? Sounds like it’s a possibility
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    Mt. Rushmore of ISU Athletics

    Orr Campbell McCarney Trice
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    Pro day numbers

    I could see him being a decent fit in XFL 3.0