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  1. CyGuy5

    Iowa State 2020 Schedule Change

    Here’s the deal, one team is a solid power 5 team and the other is FCS. ISU has every right to hold ourselves in higher regard than UNI
  2. CyGuy5

    Iowa State 2020 Schedule Change

    You just know Pollard is scheduling UNI, and I hate it. Playing UNI is about the dumbest thing we can do because we know it’s their super bowl. Especially in this environment weird things will happen and I wouldn’t be surprised if we lost to UNI
  3. CyGuy5

    Big play Curvey and Deandre Jackson new BBQ

    With all due respect, Q39 and Oklahoma Joes are on another level of bbq. It’s not even fair to compare central Iowa bbq to those two. However I think Unrvld is the best bbq I’ve had in Des Moines
  4. CyGuy5

    Big play Curvey and Deandre Jackson new BBQ

    I had it yesterday for the first time, and it was really good. Would recommend
  5. CyGuy5

    Worst ISU Football Team You've Watched

    Some of the last Rhodes teams were just awful, and I think 2014 is my pick for the worst I’ve seen. Got absolutely bodied by NDSU. I have better memory of those bad Rhodes teams than I do the Chizik teams so that probably plays into it as well
  6. CyGuy5

    Ehlinger vs. Purdy: The case for preseason All-Big 12 quarterback

    I’m sure that you are right about that, and I haven’t watched the game since it happened. The thing I remember is that we never got the chance to really establish a good run game and build off of the “good” plays. If I’m remembering right we would move the ball on the ground and then just abandon it
  7. CyGuy5

    Ehlinger vs. Purdy: The case for preseason All-Big 12 quarterback

    Manning throwing the ball 30 something times against Oklahoma State while we gashed them with the run was absolutely brutal
  8. CyGuy5

    If ISU Has to cut sports, which sports are on the block?

    Complete side note but it’s an absolute shame Iowa State is in the second best baseball conference and we’re the only member school without a team
  9. CyGuy5

    If ISU Has to cut sports, which sports are on the block?

    Basically the title, but if football season isn’t played a lot of schools are going to have to cut down on their athletic programs. With Iowa State only being two above the minimum for D1, which sports are first on the chopping block?
  10. CyGuy5

    The Athletic article ($) - Steve Prohm has plenty of reasons to believe we’ll see the good Iowa St

    In my lifetime McDermott killed it, Fred brought it back, and Prohm brutally executed it
  11. CyGuy5

    Who do we Replace Iowa WIth?

  12. CyGuy5


    I might be way too optimistic but I don’t see what the Ivy League does affecting large scale college football that severely. School is pretty clearly #1 there
  13. CyGuy5

    An Oral History of the 66-10 win over Texas Tech in 2016: Part I

    A future linebacker outplayed an MVP that day
  14. CyGuy5


    I think this is more COVID related than anything but it’ll give Okie State some good publicity
  15. CyGuy5

    The Athletic State of the Program

    I’m trying not to get too excited. Last year was supposedly our most talented team and they underachieved quite a bit