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    Kid runs over another kid in football drill

    Yeah.......leading with the head use to be called "spearing". And like your example, the player doing the spearing was removed and done be it in practice or a game. This type of stuff was frowned upon before they even had rules to protect everyone. And I played back when on defense the motto...
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    Concrete delivery

    The delivery isn't the hard or expensive part. It's the labor on the ground. And If you and some friends are doing the setting, just make sure everything (forms...level lines) are down and everything/one is ready to go before they deliver. I don't know how big your job is, I'm sure there is a...
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    Spring Weather 2021

    If this holds true, the word "average" wins again. It may be cool and dry now.....but sometime in the future it will be neither as things "average" out.
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    Boat Buying Advice???

    Speaking of pumps not keeping up, never put in a boat without a plug.....but been in a Chris Craft that wasn't soaked. Barely got it out before it sunk.
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    Izaiah Brockington commits

    I would say there might be some return fire if that were to happen. I would be good with that type of double "T"......and I hope TJ just gives him extra pushups as punishment.
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    Izaiah Brockington commits

    On paper Royce White, Chris Babb, Chris Allen and Korey Lucious beat anything TJ has recruited outside of maybe the KU transfer. Which, he has yet to live up to. So I'll give it a wash. And this isn't a good vs evil......this is just disagreeing that TJ is ahead of Fred at this point. Like I...
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    Hunter Reaffirms Commitment

    Why don't you just leave it at that? What are you afraid of? That if some of Prohm's original recruits are a huge part in TJ's success people will say it's because of Prohm? Considering what you have been shoveling since 2015 that would be rich. Every coach outside of GMAC has in one way or...
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    Izaiah Brockington commits

    Speaking of hindsight, I think Naz was with the Niang class. And although I don't remember if he was a highly sought out player....he certainly made an impact.
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    Hunter Reaffirms Commitment

    Was initially recruited by huggy bear at Cincy but was let go after an assault charge. Played for Indian Hills a couple of seasons and found trouble there as well. LE took a flyer and he didn't make grades. I think the murder charge was for something that happened before he was even in college...
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    Xavier Nwankpa

    You speak of loyalty to ISU in terms of past tense. Which by your own words is the reason for being loyal and true forever because........"we've been there" right? So why would one need more evidence than that to make sense that a young person would want to follow that tradition be it their...
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    Hunter Reaffirms Commitment

    I think the class with Fizer was rated #1 by some services at the time. When Bruton and Henderson didn't show the ratings dropped. Still a good class and just needed a Tinsley to succeed. Didn't the Jerome Harper class include Chris Alexander?
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    Izaiah Brockington commits

    IMO until the KU transfer lives up to his billing.......Brockington is the best transfer of the bunch.
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    Izaiah Brockington commits

    I'm not so sure he is light years ahead of Fred in recruiting. Fred had zero head coaching experience so TJ wins there. But remember transfers like Royce White and Chris Allen had to sit out a year. And unless I am mistaken outside of Grill, none of TJ's transfers do. That gives TJ a distinct...
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    Izaiah Brockington commits

    Metrics don't auto mean wins and losses. As by the close games you stated. They shouldn't have been even in those games, yet they were. So yeah......if you are an analytical nut you could make that argument with "metrics". Or, you can throw all those numbers out the window and make the same...
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    And the 2021 Best Burger is...

    What is amusing is all the people screaming "NO GMO" are the same people pushing this highly processed product. And probably the same people agreeing with Gates about "synthetic" meat. But hey........................NO GMO!!!! You couldn't write a skit on SNL this funny....or sad however you...