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    Cyclone Football Twitter

    Love what I've heard about Norton, but it would be so damn cool for Jirehl to have a big year.
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    Gameday shoes.

    Need a fire emoji reaction, these are sick. 574's are just a great shoe design, the perfect chunky sneaker imo.
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    NFL: ***2022 NFL Draft Thread***

    He like, almost injured a QB there because he just threw a defender into the QB's leg IIRC. He's got a lot of tools but mannnnn he's a ********. Kinda the old adage about running into an ******* once is normal, it happens. If you run into them all day, maybe its you that's the problem. Penning...
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    Hunter Dekkers Concerns?

    Agreed. My biggest want from the beginning of this season is to see a loose and aggressive offense that lets Hunter come out and get momentum going week 1 between him and the receivers. Let the passing game open up space for the running game. I will not be holding my breath.
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    Omaha Biliew Commits to Iowa State!

    The work he and his staff have done over this summer is really great. Literally only a 2-way contract away from the perfect (or close to it) offseason. Also love what this class shows as a vision for TJ and his staff hope for style-wise. Hamilton and Momcilovic are great (Momcilovic is one of...
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    2022 ISU NFL rookie prospects

    I think it's the guaranteed part that can change, the little blurb said Breece is trying to get a full 3 years guaranteed after a Texans second rounder got that. So while I believe the money is set, tons of other parts of the contract might be negotiable?
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    2022 ISU NFL rookie prospects

    Good for Breece, get as much guaranteed while you can as a running back.
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    ****Official Class Of 2023 Recruiting Thread****

    I guess my point is that caveat is for a basically consensus top 10 player in his class. He's still good and has a very high ceiling on offense. You don't have to be polished to be extremely deadly on that end with his size and athleticism at the college level.
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    ****Official Class Of 2023 Recruiting Thread****

    But, but, but, but, I've read on here that Omaha can't play offense and will just leave after a year anyway and he hasn't progressed on offense yada yada. Cannot overstate how big of a get Omaha would be for ISU. He's the kind of player and athlete that ISU never gets. I think people really...
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    Jelani Hamilton Committed 7/1 at 11:00

    Doesn't Christie's brother play there? Regardless, feels like once the Hamilton recruitment took off I didn't really hear as much about Christie. He's a really good prospect though and I would love to see a guy like that brought in given the amount of spots there will be to fill.
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    Jelani Hamilton Committed 7/1 at 11:00

    His shot really is smooth and effortless. Really really excited for this get.
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    ISU MBB Twitter

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    ***Official 2022 Transfer Thread***

    Lipsey is really good in a lot of areas, and I think he'll do well as a Cyclone, but shooting the ball wasn't a strength of his in highschool. I just wouldn't expect a lot from him there early on. His shot isn't broken though, and I can definitely see him becoming a solid enough option as a...
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    Cyclone Football Twitter

    Really interested to see how this position group turns out. I think it will be telling early on if they're sticking with the heavy TE utilization and sets.