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  1. CycloneDaddy

    2021 Stock Market

    Anyone have thoughts on how to handle 529s this year? With where the market is at Im hesitant to fully fund them this month and thinking maybe doing it quarterly instead.
  2. CycloneDaddy

    The Fran fade

    Im ok with a bunch of hacks hating and ISU winning by 17, sign me up for that **** every year.
  3. CycloneDaddy

    STEPH: So, about what Kim Mulkey said…

    Parks and Recs does have a couple of nice vehicles and those high school refs appear to be wearing expensive sneakers.
  4. CycloneDaddy

    The Fran fade

    Im so confused by Hawk fan logic. Pac12 the regular season only matters but for the Big12 only the conference championship game mattered?
  5. CycloneDaddy

    STEPH: So, about what Kim Mulkey said…

    There must be big time money at stake in my daughters rec league for them to be playing this year.
  6. CycloneDaddy

    STEPH: So, about what Kim Mulkey said…

    This isnt true at all, there are a handful of good mens teams that have had Covid issues this year.
  7. CycloneDaddy

    STEPH: So, about what Kim Mulkey said…

    Any idea if she has voiced these concerns before? She looks like a sore loser otherwise.
  8. CycloneDaddy

    STEPH: So, about what Kim Mulkey said…

    Someone that makes over a million dollars preaching to others about the almighty dollar is funny. If she was that concerned she should quit.
  9. CycloneDaddy

    If CMC retired today

    This thread is stupid but Manning would be the new coach
  10. CycloneDaddy

    ATH/RB Eli Sanders Obviously Chooses ISU over Iowa

    Hi Brad, glad u made it over here.
  11. CycloneDaddy

    ***Official 2021 Weather Thread***

    And it was a very wet and heavy snow too. I have a big 2 stage thrower and Im wiped but also did quite a few sidewalks and did 3 other end of driveways for the neighbors.
  12. CycloneDaddy

    Oregon-angle Fiesta Bowl Analysis

    Here is the analysis for that game, ISU kicked their ass!
  13. CycloneDaddy

    Iowa Football Recruiting

    His name is Brad. Travis doesnt give me the vibe of youth wrestling club lawyer.
  14. CycloneDaddy

    What will it take to get Sports Betting or Daily Fantasy In Iowa

    The few folks I have talked to are leaving WH for Draft Kings. Reasons are better promos and website.