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  1. CloneGuy8

    ISR March to Madness thread

    I see Iowa is planning on retiring Jeff Beverley's number. Pretty cool gesture by them.
  2. CloneGuy8

    Coaching Search: Place your bets

    0-18. He cant be the coach next year. There is no excuse for 0-18.
  3. CloneGuy8

    WiFi network name suggestions?

    One of my neighbors has theirs named 'Pee&poop'
  4. CloneGuy8

    Coaching Search: Place your bets

    He'll be Notre Dame's next coach. Mike Brey should be pursued by Jamie, but he's from out East so it wouldn't surprise me if he took another Big East or A10 job.
  5. CloneGuy8

    *** Official Iowa State Season Thread ***

    At least we'll get the #1 pick next year
  6. CloneGuy8

    Coaching Search: Place your bets

    Given his Drake departure and Pollards relationship with their AD, that would shock me. I think he goes to the Gophers.
  7. CloneGuy8

    Coaching Search: Place your bets

  8. CloneGuy8

    Coaching Search: Place your bets

    Want: Altman Who it will be: Otz Do not want: Moser
  9. CloneGuy8

    Greg McDermott Suspended

    Never heard that saying before, dumb thing to say. I have heard the phrase 'off the reservation' and that's honestly not any better. I don't think he should be fired, assuming he doesn't have a history of saying these kinds of things.
  10. CloneGuy8

    Tough Truths

  11. CloneGuy8

    Best Dunker in ISU History?

    The whole sequence from the Virginia dunk was amazing. Stinson and Blalock made that with beautiful passes.
  12. CloneGuy8

    Anyone else hearing that JP has already decided Prohm is coming back?

    New Mexico has had a good basketball program for a while. One of the better Mountain West programs.
  13. CloneGuy8

    Does Creighton's McDermott Keep His Job?

    Dumb thing to say, especially in the world we live in. But if its just a one-off and his players and coaches accept his apology, I don't think its something he should lose his job over.