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    Wrestle at the Trestle

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    2 all session NCAA tix

    I have 2 all session tickets - section M16 for sale. I am unable to attend. Email
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    Cyclone Open

    Is the cyclone open going to have #1's and #2's going?
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    Friday Night Wrestle Offs

    not the 149 everybody is waiting for:)
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    Friday Night Wrestle Offs

    not seeing many intriguing wrestle-offs lined up for Friday. maybe 165?
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    Anyone get Humboldt Tickets?

    Holy **** - I actually won a lottery
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    Hey @buf, where are

    What a d!ck - with all your positivity I am sure you will have a great wk
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    NCAA Session 1 Results

    WTF is going on... holy crap this is pissin me off
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    New Big 12 wrestling team

    not sure this is in the best interest of the Big 12 - why add schools just to add???
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    2020-21 Schedule News?

    are all home meets going to be on Cyclone TV?
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    Retirement Targets

    I couldn't disagree more - the exact purpose of SS is an investment.
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    like it never happened......
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    ***Big 12 Wrestling Thread***

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    Julian Broderson - 2A wrestler of the Year

    I think he is still growing into 84 - 197 maybe to much to ask of his frame/size
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    UNI Dual

    I was really happy to see Carr and Gomez leading the rest of the team. Leadership example when not on the mat: This team has responded well to KD. I look for this to carry into Big 12's