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    Miller and Condon

    Is Ken Miller hitting the Stellas before the radio show? His slurring and stumbling over his words has me wondering.
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    2022 Recruiting/Transfer Class

    Because he’s a 6th year senior and there’s a huge cloud of “he is what he is” to think there’s further room for improvement.
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    AJ Green Leaves the Portal - Staying in Draft

    So was McDermott. I thought he deserved a raise but not an extension for another year.
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    AJ Green Leaves the Portal - Staying in Draft

    I forgot, one year does a career make. The goldfish like memories around here do be astounding.
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    AJ Green Leaves the Portal - Staying in Draft

    I think jury might be out on that one still.
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    TJ got an extension and a raise

    Contract timing looking mighty sus as the youts might say.
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    Iowa Beers Release/Distribution Thread

    Yup. Made a ride out there the weekend before last. Easily my favorite summer local beer.
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    So, where do we go from here?

    Gabe is what he is. Look back at his years in Minneapolis. He’s a mercurial shooter. That lost shot wasn’t ever a constant season to season.
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    WTB: 1 Ticket - Session 2 - Milwaukee

    Looking for 1 ticket for session 2 on Friday night from an ISU fan who may have an extra. Not particular on location, just looking for a fair price compared to what’s out on the secondary market sites.
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    NCAA Round 1 Ticket info

    A lot of Wisconsin fans actually bought them in anticipation of ending up there because I ran into the same issue as I got mine through Vermont for the first round, but I believe they went on a bit of slump towards the end of that year that put them out contention of nearby site.
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    7 seed in KC here we come...

    Oh I don’t know….maybe the amount of wins that accrued during the season that some would see as unfathomable and then adjust expectations accordingly as possibility increases as to what one can attain at the current trajectory. But I guess the true fans that pay attention were expecting a dead...
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    7 seed in KC here we come...

    And conversely, are fans not allowed to change big picture expectations with nuanced information?
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    Xavier Foster removed from team; target of sexual assault investigation

    From anti fan to boot licker in less than a regular season. Quite the heel turn. :jimlad:;)
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    *** Official IOWA STATE vs TCU Game(Day) Thread ***

    You don’t stop play when the opposing team has the ball and the injured player is not even in the court of play.