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    Updated “Way Too Early” Rankings

    I know it is still so far away, but Nov. 20 in Norman is going to be massive. There is a potential to have both teams at 10-0 heading into that matchup. If that was the case, it would also be a near guarantee of a rematch in Dallas two weeks later. There is even an outside shot that the Big 12...
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    Kene Nwangwu getting PAID, drafted 4th round

    Walter football is garbage. They have Tyler Shough projected as the #1 pick next year.
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    KU reportedly hiring Buffalo's Leipold (not Monken)

    The Beaty situation was such a joke. Jeff Long just got hired as AD and wanted to hire his guys from the boys club. In order to avoid a $3M buyout, he came up with some trumped up recruiting violations against Beaty. He then turns around and hires Les while appearing to either no do a background...
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    Kene Nwangwu getting PAID, drafted 4th round

    I really like the Mostert comp for Kene
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    KU reportedly hiring Buffalo's Leipold (not Monken)

    There seems to be a general sense that his offense will look more like Coastal's or Tulane's than Army's since you can actually have full size lineman at Kansas.
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    KU reportedly hiring Buffalo's Leipold (not Monken)

    Looks like Kansas is finally embracing the triple.
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    That about sums it up for Matt's drive

    Seeing pictures from Perry High School make it instantly clear why Matt always wants to wear the black unis.
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    On That Note: I Feel The Earth Move

    I had to do it. AROUND THE WORLD - Daft Punk
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    Tom Manning a candidate for KU FB job

    Whoever ends up accepting the KU football job needs to look at the contract Heupel got at Tennessee, and the contract that Mark Stoops has at Kentucky. -Heupel got a 6 year deal, that will automatically add a 7th if the football program should receive any NCAA punishment for the recruiting...
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    Article on FPI Strength of Schedule

    Looking at the non conference slate for the Big 12 Baylor: @texas St, Texas Southern, BYU ISU: UNI, Iowa, @UNLV Kansas: South Dakota, @Coastal Carolina, @Duke KSU: Stanford (@Jerryworld), Southern Illinois, Nevada Oklahoma: @Tulane, Western Carolina, Nebraska OSU: Missouri State, Tulsa, @Boise...
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    Greg McElroy: 'Ludicrous' to call Iowa State football a top-four team

    Its also worth noting that UNI just got done with their delayed Spring season two weeks ago. They have like 3 months before summer workouts start. That really isn't a lot of time to heal up.
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    Prince Philip dead at 99 years of age

    And with the number of instances of long married couples passing close together, I wonder how the Queen's health holds in the coming months and years. Next February will be 70 years that Elizabeth has held the crown.
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    Brock Purdy listed on Heartland College Sports “Top 10 Big 12 QBs Since Conference Realignment”

    I was going to say RG3, but then I looked it up and realized his Heisman was for the 2011 season. Where does the time go?
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    Jirehl Brock primed to help ISU pack a one-two punch at taiback with All-American Breece Hall

    I have a feeling we could see a good amount of 21 and 22 personnel with a double RB backfield next year. Especially if Jirehl develops more as a pass catcher and Breece as a blocker, there is a lot of potential for misdirection and screens with the two of them lined up next to, or behind Purdy.
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    What’s happening to Des Moines?

    So I can't tell if you are being serious or sarcastic, but I want to look at the scenario you have layed out seriously. The person in question has managed to aquire a snow shovel. It is January in Des Moines, and snow is predicted overnight. Our hard-on-his-luck entrepreneur has spent the...