Jake Remsburg said he fell in love with the game again during 2023 spring ball

During a town hall zoom meeting Tuesday with Cyclone Fanatic premium subscribers, Iowa State offensive lineman Jake Remsburg said he fell back in love with football last month.

Remsburg, who’s battled injuries throughout his career, detailed a rejuvenation with listeners on the call.

“It was it was awesome,” Remsburg said of the spring season. “Like, I feel like I fell in love with the game again after spring ball like which is like, so important to me. Coming after last season is like kind of a struggle, and like that was rough.”

Iowa State is coming off of a 4-8 season in 2022 and a healthy Remsburg makes the path back to a bowl game more attainable than if he’s on the sidelines.

“And then to just get refreshed with a great spring ball,” Remsburg said. “I could not complain about spring ball at all. But that was huge. My main goals for spring ball was to come back and start to feel like myself again. Like I to be honest, I haven’t really felt like myself since my redshirt freshman year, like I and then in that little part in the 2020 season. In that case, I was still young – I didn’t really have any exposure to an offseason program because we were at home.”

Remsburg discussed his time battling injury, and practicing at that time against a first round NFL Draft pick in Will McDonald IV, with subscribers that tuned in.

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