MONDAY MUSINGS: Never change, Cyclone Nation 

Dec 28, 2018; San Antonio, TX, United States; The Iowa State Cyclones take the field before the game against the Washington State Cougars during the 2018 Alamo Bowl at Alamodome. Mandatory Credit: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

My sister is a very casual Iowa State fan. She actually only jumped on board the train because of what her brother does for a living. It’s all Cyclones, all of the time in my world. That tends to become a little bit contagious for those who are around me often.

My daughter stayed in southwest Iowa with my folks and sister over during my recent trip to the Alamo Bowl in which my wife was also on. We were doing a little FaceTime on what would have been Friday night – the evening before the game – when it really hit me…

…Just how awesome this fan base is. I was explaining to my sister how unique bowl experiences are. I told her that taking a trip like the one we were on would REALLY get Iowa State into her blood (Keep in mind that she did not attend Iowa State. She’s a Tavern Clone, if you will.)

Think about it this way: Tens of thousands of like-minded people gather in a unique – often extravagant place – to celebrate something they love during the holiday season. 

What’s not to love about that scenario?

Every fan base believes it is superior to others but I’ll go to my grave knowing that Iowa State is special. I’ve seen it in my own life. I wish that we could have done a profile on the folks who took our bowl charter down to San Antonio. Salt of the earth. Such an amazing group. 

And that’s Iowa State fans in general. Loyal. Blue-collar. Appreciative. 

This brings my to my next point, as I look forward to the future of this football program. 

Never change. 

I was doing radio with my 1460 KXnO colleague, Travis Justice, the other day when I first talked about this publicly. Right now, Iowa State fans are enjoying the ride while appreciating and loving every minute. However, we have all seen fan bases that change once they have real success for the first time. Travis pointed out what he witnessed with Kansas State in the 90’s during his extensive career of covering Nebraska. 

Expectations rise, as do ticket costs and parking. Things change. There will be more interest in this upcoming football this offseason than any other in the history of Iowa State’s program. 

It’s all a major positive, just don’t forget where you came from. Iowa State’s people are its greatest selling point. That can’t ever change.

I am a believer that it won’t. 

Buckle up

At the time of publishing this, eight NFL jobs are currently open. 

Regarding Matt Campbell, none really scare me except for the Cleveland Browns. 

I’m not saying that I think Campbell is going to leave Iowa State, because I do not think that’s the case. But that is home to him and home is a very special thing. 

I guess the only reason I am writing this is so that you are all prepared for a lot of talk over the coming days. Campbell’s recent contract extension is great, but really means nothing to an NFL franchise that might want to speak with him. 

So yeah, buckle up and if you don’t like rumors, I’d suggest staying off of Twitter for a while.

Hoiberg to L.A.?

Steve Alford was fired at UCLA this morning and I’m already hearing that Fred Hoiberg has significant interest in this job. 

That doesn’t mean he will get it – or even take it if offered. But there is interest and UCLA would be foolish not to consider The Mayor. 

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