Is Royce White planning a comeback?

It seems like it’s been years since I heard the name "Royce White" on the NBA scene. I guess I just kind of assumed that it was all over for the super-talented former Cyclone. 

Apparently not. Check out this tweet from Darren Wolfson, a legitimate media man out of Minneapolis. I’ve followed him for years. His stuff is good. 

"Royce White update: #Clippers FO bosses Dave Wohl (former #Twolves ass’t) & Kevin Eastman came to town to see Royce workout recently."

So the Clippers, one of the top teams in the NBA, watched White work out recently. This isn’t exactly earth shattering news but it does confirm that Royce is still trying to make a living playing basketball. His rookie contract has expired. The checks are no longer coming. He needs to make a living somehow. Perhaps a light has gone off and Royce is ready to realize the talent that he’s always had?

I hope sure hope so. This man belongs in the NBA. 

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