CF Experts Pick’em: Bye week

It was a big week for the experts on Cyclone Fanatic Island last week. Previously just three of the 16 chumps were above .500 with their picks this year, but now, NOW, five football experts are looking strong and above the mediocre line.

Good work, fellas, good work!


Former Cyclone RB, Jeff Woody

BYU @ Boise State (-6.5) – I would like to see a social experiment to see if the average person on the coasts can point on a map to where these schools are. "Idaho? That’s next to Nebraska, right?" Anyway, this BYU team is a headless horseman without Taysum Hill (it’s almost Halloween, indulge me). I’ll take the Broncos, especially at home.

Michigan @ Michigan State (-16.5) – Michigan is really bad, and Michigan State is really good. But there is just something that tells me that the rivalry aspect of this gets Michigan’s talent to cover, but still lose by 2 touchdowns. Wolverines.

Arizona State @ Washington (-2.5) – So this is basically a pick ’em. I don’t like pick ’ems. Give me the Huskies. Why? I like dogs, I guess. If I get this right it’s all luck.

Mississippi (-3.5) @ LSU – Ole Miss by 150. (-3.5) is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too small of a line for an LSU team that is extremely overrated. 

West Virginia @ Oklahoma State (-2.5) – I think without J.W., this OSU team can’t trade blows with The Hairline and his Mountaineers. Give me WVU on the road.

Texas @ Kansas State (-10) – I also don’t like picking K State games very much. They get big lines and generally execute pretty well, but it is hard to tell. I think Swoopes has figured it out. Also, I couldn’t have been the only one who looked at him on Saturday and went, "Damn he looks like Vince Young." Give me the Longhorns to cover the 10 but K State to win. Another game I would not even consider putting money on in Vegas.

Former WOI-TV Sports Director, Dave Zawilinski

BYU @ Boise State (-6.5) – BYU is a mess without their QB.  Boise St.

Michigan @ Michigan State (-16.5) – Speaking of a mess … Sparty by 30+

Arizona State @ Washington (-2.5) – ASU steals a big win on the road. 

Mississippi (-3.5) @ LSU – Mississippi keeps dreams of an undefeated Egg Bowl alive. 

West Virginia @ Oklahoma State (-2.5) – Okie St at home while WVU is hungover 

Texas @ Kansas State (-10) – Give me Texas and the points.  

CF Director of Sales, Adam Gray

BYU @ Boise State (-6.5) – BYU isn’t the same team since Hill went down with an injury.  Boise State by 10

Michigan @ Michigan State (-16.5) -That’s a big number, especially in a rivalry game.  With that said, I still like MSU to cover as I don’t think Michigan can score on them.

Arizona State @ Washington (-2.5) – Don’t know, so I’ll take the home team.  Huskies by 3

Mississippi (-3.5) @ LSU – As Les Miles says, "Death Valley is where dreams come to die."  LSU wins by a FG

West Virginia @ Oklahoma State (-2.5) – WV has escaped with close wins in each of their two road games.  I don’t think they escape this week.  OSU by 3.

Texas @ Kansas State (-10) – This is only the second true road game of the year for the Longhorns and they are going up against a hot KSU team.  I like the Wildcats by 17

CF Senior Writer, Rob Gray

BYU @ Boise State (-6.5) – All I know is Taysom Hill won’t play. Advantage, blue field. Broncos 31, Cougars 27

Michigan @ Michigan State (-16.5) – Rivalry game? That’s too many points, even if the Wolverines stink. Spartans 38-24

Arizona State @ Washington (-2.5) – Expect a wild one. Sun Devils 51, Huskies 49

Mississippi (-3.5) @ LSU – Tigers play with pride, shock the Rebels. LSU 31, Ole Miss 28

West Virginia @ Oklahoma State (-2.5) –  I doubted the Mountaineers last week. Won’t do that this week. WVU 42, OSU 35

Texas @ Kansas State (-10) – The Fighting Snyders stop Swoopes. Wildcats 27, Longhorns 14

CF Columnist, Brent Blum

BYU @ Boise State (-6.5) – Dear Boise, the blue turf can go now. Signed, the ’90s. Boise State 30 BYU 27.

Michigan @ Michigan State (-16.5) – Remember TJ Duckett? That guy was great in those old NCAA football video games. He made a big play in this game once as well. Good for him. MSU 35 Michigan 21.

Arizona State @ Washington (-2.5) – I flip a coin in all Pac-12 games. Washington 30 Arizona State 23.

Mississippi (-3.5) @ LSU – The world comes crashing down on Ole Miss. LSU 28 Ole Miss 21.

West Virginia @ Oklahoma State (-2.5) – I’m a man, I don’t have a mullet. OSU 34 WVU 31.

Texas @ Kansas State (-10) – The vampire wins, but barely. KSU 27 Texas 24.

enCYCLONEpedia Guy, Kirk Haaland

BYU @ Boise State (-6.5) – Blue Boise Broncos.

Michigan @ Michigan State (-16.5) – Michigan is no bueno. Sparty.

Arizona State @ Washington (-2.5) – Huskies.

Mississippi (-3.5) @ LSU – I’m sticking with the Rebels because I bet everyone else is favoring Death Valley.

West Virginia @ Oklahoma State (-2.5) – How can I pick OSU after that performance they put out against TCU last week and what West Virginia did to Baylor? Just like this: Okie Lite.

Texas @ Kansas State (-10) – Thou shall not pick against Old Man Wizard again. Ever.

Former Cyclone QB, Austen Arnaud

BYU @ Boise State (-6.5) – I’ll take BYU don’t ask me why. I foresee a lot of points in this one.

Michigan @ Michigan State (-16.5) – Sparty by 1,000. Michigan has no chance.

Arizona State @ Washington (-2.5) – Arizona State is one of the hottest teams in the country right now. Give me the Devils

Mississippi (-3.5) @ LSU -Ole Miss is too good here, don’t care if it is a night game in Death Valley. The Ole Miss defense is for real

West Virginia @ Oklahoma State (-2.5) – Ok State, hangover effect for West Virginia after big win against Baylor.

Texas @ Kansas State (-10) – Kansas State gets it done. Emotional win for UT last week and Kansas State will shut down that UT offense.

Former Cyclone QB, Bret Meyer

BYU @ Boise State (-6.5) – Boise State covers at home 35-20

Michigan @ Michigan State (-16.5) – Sparty rolls at home. 35-20

Arizona State @ Washington (-2.5) – Washington wins on a late field goal 20-17

Mississippi (-3.5) @ LSU – LSU with the upset at home

West Virginia @ Oklahoma State (-2.5) – Okie State wins at home 45-40

Texas @ Kansas State (-10) – KState wins at home 28-20

ESPN Broadcaster, Chris Hassel

BYU @ Boise State (-6.5) – State.

Michigan @ Michigan State (-16.5) – State.

Arizona State @ Washington (-2.5) – State.

Mississippi (-3.5) @ LSU – State.

West Virginia @ Oklahoma State (-2.5) – State.

Texas @ Kansas State (-10) – State.

CF Publisher, Chris Williams

BYU @ Boise State (-6.5) – I’ll take the hook and Boise State by a 27-20 final.

Michigan @ Michigan State (-16.5) – Sparty have covered six straight in this series. Michigan State 27, Michigan 10.

Arizona State @ Washington (-2.5) – The Huskies only two losses have been to Stanford and Oregon. At home? I’ll take Washington by the field goal. Huskies 31, ASU 28

Mississippi (-3.5) @ LSU – In Death Valley, I’ll take the home dogs to cover. Based on the circumstances, I consider the toughest test yet for Ole Miss. Rebels 24, LSU 21

West Virginia @ Oklahoma State (-2.5) – West Virginia is a different team away from Morgantown. And the Big 12 is just insanely even. Give me the Cowboys by a touchdown. Oklahoma State 38, West Virginia 31

Texas @ Kansas State (-10) – Every number you find in Vegas will encourage you to take Kansas State here but I feel like this Swoopes kid is blooming into a high-level QB before our very eyes. Horns cover, Wildcats stay unbeaten. Kansas State 30, Texas 27

Former Cyclone WR, Jack Whitver

BYU @ Boise State (-6.5) – Boise at home beat a short handed BYU by 7 to cover.

Michigan @ Michigan State (-16.5) – MSU is much better but Michigan keeps it close in a rivalry game. UM covers.

Arizona State @ Washington (-2.5) – ASU wind straight up at Washington to cover.

Mississippi (-3.5) @ LSU – LSU tough at home. Mississippi wins but LSU covers.

West Virginia @ Oklahoma State (-2.5) – WVU playing very well, win straight up in Stillwater to cover. 

Texas @ Kansas State (-10) – KSU is playing great and Texas is getting a lot better. Swoops helps UT cover.

Former Cyclone WR, Lane Danielsen

BYU @ Boise State (-6.5) – Boise State.  Blue turf worth a TD victory margin.

Michigan @ Michigan State (-16.5) – Michigan State. The Wolverines are not good and the Spartans play great defense.

Arizona State @ Washington (-2.5) – Arizona State.  Sun Devils cover and get a nice road win.     

Mississippi (-3.5) @ LSU – LSU.  I think the Tigers are getting better each week and Ole Miss is due to stub their toe.

West Virginia @ Oklahoma State (-2.5) – West Virginia.  The Mountaineers are a much better team.  

Texas @ Kansas State (-10) – Kansas State. I don’t know the stats say but it feels like Bill Snider has covered the spread every game this year.

Former Cyclone LB, Adam Carper

BYU @ Boise State (-6.5) – Boise State

Michigan @ Michigan State (-16.5) – Michigan State runs away with this game and it’s not even close.  Sparty

Arizona State @ Washington (-2.5) – Hard to believe ASU is the underdog in this one.  Sun Devils

Mississippi (-3.5) @ LSU – Although the game in at night in Death Valley, Ole Miss does enough to win and cover.

West Virginia @ Oklahoma State (-2.5) – Okie State

Texas @ Kansas State (-10) – The Wildcats continue their quest for a Big 12 title and win convincingly. 

KXNO Host/Producer, Andrew Downs

BYU @ Boise State (-6.5) – Boise St. I honestly have no idea how good either of these teams are, but I assume BYU will hate that blue turf as much as the rest of us. 

Michigan @ Michigan State (-16.5) – MSU. Who in their right mind would pick Michigan at this point?

Arizona State @ Washington (-2.5) – Arizona State. Washington has a good record, but has lost to the only good teams they’ve played.

Mississippi (-3.5) @ LSU – Ole Miss. The Rebels need to keep up with the in-state Joneses. 

West Virginia @ Oklahoma State (-2.5) – OK State. Letdown game for WVU after a huge upset.

Texas @ Kansas State (-10) – K-State. I thought the Wildcats were overrated and they proved me wrong.

WHO-TV Meteorologist, Brett McIntyre

BYU @ Boise State (-6.5) – Boise State. Broncos at home usually a pretty safe pick, especially with BYU on a skid.

Michigan @ Michigan State (-16.5) – Michigan St. Seems like a lot of points for a rivalry game, but the Wolverines’ offense is a disaster.

Arizona State @ Washington (-2.5) – Arizona St. I like the Sun Devlis for the upset.

Mississippi (-3.5) @ LSU – LSU. Will the Tigers really lose at home at night again? No! LSU with the upset and the SEC West cannibalism really gets started.

West Virginia @ Oklahoma State (-2.5) – West Virginia. Mountaineers are usually a classic model of inconsistency, but I’m going to roll with them off of the Baylor upset.

Texas @ Kansas State (-10) – Kansas State. I have no idea what to make of Texas now. Has their offense really come around? No clue, so I’ll just trust Old Man Synder.

Former Cyclone K, Bret Culbertson

BYU @ Boise State (-6.5) – Boise State?

Michigan @ Michigan State (-16.5) – 

This one will be even more on-sided on Michigan State’s turf. Spartans.

Arizona State @ Washington (-2.5) – I’m not sure I’m sold on the Sun Devils, but I’ll go with them in this matchup.

Mississippi (-3.5) @ LSU – Ole Miss just won’t stop. If it comes down to it, Colby Delahoussaye of LSU would hit another game-winner with his eyes closed if he had to, but Ole Miss takes this game.

West Virginia @ Oklahoma State (-2.5) – Last Week was wild for WV. In a pinch, Lambert would hit another game-winner as well. WV.

Texas @ Kansas State (-10) – K-State got away with one last week when one of the best kickers in the country had a few miscues. They’ll win outright this week. K-State covers.

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