Williams: As the Big 12 turns

By Chris Williams, Publisher Follow Chris on Twitter @ChrisMWilliams

For the record – I’m not "reporting" anything here.


The next 500 words (or so) are strictly my opinions and thoughts on the ongoing soap opera that is conference realignment, the Big 12 and how things might impact Iowa State.


*** Do I actually think that Notre Dame will be a member of the Big 12 Conference in 2012? Absolutely not. Do I actually believe that there is any truth to rumors that talks could be going on between the two parties? Absolutely.

Here’s why.

It is well-known that Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds and Notre Dame’s Jack Swarbrick are close friends right?

Last week, DeLoss Dodds mentioned the Irish while speaking of conference realignment. Dodds was on record.

Guys like DeLoss Dodds don’t just slip and mention Notre (freaking) Dame in passing folks.

NEWS FLASH: The Irish are bigger than Texas. Yeah. I said it. Notre Dame is one of the only schools in America who can realistically stand up to the almighty Longhorns when it comes to having a national brand.

Notre Dame is Goldberg to Texas being Hollywood Hogan (gotta love old school WCW references in these things). Hogan was the big dog on the block, until Goldberg came in and punked him. At the end of the day, their rivalry made both men more money.

If there’s really nothing to it, then why mention this at all Mr. Dodds? He’s too smart for that. That had to have been a calculated move by Texas right?

Again – You don’t just slip up and mention Notre Dame. No way.

Why Notre Dame? Why now? Why not the Big Ten?

Win or lose, the Irish sell a lot of jerseys. Their brand is massive. Do you really think that this school is interested in sharing checks with Northwestern and Indiana?

Why do that when a school like Texas can earn a smooth $300 million from ESPN on its own.

I’m only guessing here, but isn’t Notre Dame worth more than Texas? What could ESPN offer them and why wouldn’t they listen?

The Big Ten cannot offer that.


*** Some more smoke…

Texas Tech president Guy Bailey recently told a Dallas radio station this:

“If A&M leaves, we’re going to use this opportunity to build one of the strongest conferences in the United States,” Bailey said. “What we’ll do, we’re going to be very aggressive in recruiting schools and I don’t know how many we’re eventually going to recruit, we’ll need to work with FOX and our other media partners in doing this.

One of the strongest conferences in the United States huh?

The mighty Houston Cougars aren’t the answer then fanatics.

*** I think that we can all agree that the Big 12 can’t lose anymore schools after Texas A&M.

The overwhelming feel across the Internet is that Missouri is in a position of power. Why? Because they’re rumored to be that 14th team that the SEC may or may not be taking a look at.

Simple question here — Other that the sake of comfiness alone, why in the world would Missouri want to do this?

As much as it pains me to admit, Gary Pinkel is on a roll! The Tigers have won eight games or more every season since 2006 and they’ve won 10 or more games twice since then. Mizzou has some swagger.

Tiger fans are used to being a conference championship contender. How would they react to winning six or seven games per season in the SEC?

Does Gary Pinkel want to be on the hot seat? If yes, then go for it Mizzou.

Leave your natural rivals. Have fun recruiting in the cesspool that is the SEC and get used to a crap ton of traveling.

I absolutely believe that Missouri would have gone to the Big Ten. I know that. The SEC? I have my doubts.

Mizzou 527x350

*** I realize that money is important. So is stability. But if the Big 12 has  trimmed the fat and eliminated itself from schools that don’t actually want to be there, then this is a pretty darn good league to be in going forward.

With one new television deal inked and another on the way in 2015, money isn’t a problem. These checks could actually get larger going forward, depending on who the league gains in expansion.

There’s currently no championship game to work around. Coaches appear to really like that – Just ask Bob Stoops.

Again, I’m just thinking out loud here. Feel free to leave your opinions.