PREDICTIONS: Iowa State at Kansas State

WHAT: Iowa State (7-4, 5-3) vs. Kansas State (6-5, 4-4)
WHEN: Saturday, 2:30 p.m.
WHERE: Manhattan, Kansas
LINE: Kansas State (-3)

Chris Williams, Cyclone Fanatic Publisher 

If Zeb Noland can mimic his somewhat careful style of play that we saw last week in Waco, I like Iowa State’s chances. If the Cyclones turn the the ball over more than once, you’ve got to go with K-State here, who is also down to its third quarterback on the season. That’s the thing: Against the Wildcats, you just can’t beat yourself. It’s vintage Snyder-ball. I’m nervous because I think K-State is peaking as a whole, but will keep riding this awesome wave with the good guys until they give me a reason not to.

THE PICK: Iowa State 20, Kansas State 17

Jay Jordan, Cyclone Fanatic Analyst 
Iowa State brings their formula to Manhattan. What happens when two similar approaches meet? Play making and turnovers determine a victor.  I think Iowa State is better at both.
THE PICK: Iowa State 24, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and THE Wizard 16
Kevin Fitzpatrick, Cyclone Fanatic Contributor

Iowa State has already got the Oklahoma monkey off its back this season, so why not take care of the Kansas State one screaming in their ears while they’re at it? The Wildcats haven’t lost to the Cyclones since 2007 and their power run scheme is cause for concern now that ISU is so used to defending air attacks from the rest of the Big 12, but I’m going with an odd gut feeling I have that this one turns into a comfortable win for the good guys.

THE PICK: Iowa State 34, Kansas State 16
Kirk Haaland, Cyclone Fanatic Contributor
Everyone is waiting for the letdown but, Iowa State has a really good football team. Taking down the Wizard in even a mediocre season for the Wildcats will not be easy and they definitely flashed signs of life last week winning at Stillwater. It will almost certainly be a close game and it won’t be decided by Bill Snyder’s potentially last game in Manhattan, or Iowa State’s inability to beat Kansas State since 2007, or Bill Snyder being a wizard.
This game will be decided by the details and taking advantage of every possible opportunity to score or to make the big defensive stop in the red zone that takes points off the board or changes a touchdown to a field goal.
Brent Blum, Cyclone Fanatic Columnist

Well wouldn’t you know ole’ Mr. Snyder has the Wildcats playing their best football in November again. Iowa State should match up well with K-State from a speed stand-point and it would be quite fitting for the Cyclones to finally defeat Snyder in what could be his final game at Bill Snyder Family Stadium. But I believe my record picking K-State games is 0 for a decade, so who knows. Oh what the heck, the incredible season continues. 

THE PICK: Iowa State 27, Kansas State 24
Jeff Woody, Cyclone Fanatic Analyst
This game has been a weird, nervous game to pick since ISU switched to their 3-down front. That defense tests the patience of a team to take 3 yards and a cloud of dust…..Bill Snyder has beautiful, sun-soaked daydreams about three yards and a cloud of dust. If the different scheme works to create a turnover or two, Iowa State can stressfully come away with a double-digit win. If that defense doesn’t force a turnover, just make sure the blood pressure meds are around. I think they do.

Cyclones 27, Kansas State 17
Rob Gray, Cyclone Fanatic Staff Writer

Allen Lazard said he didn’t even remember the Manhattan meltdown of Twitter years ago and I believe him. Everything has changed — like his quarterback that day becoming a skilled linebacker. Cyclones exorcise this demon and take a bite out of the Little Apple.

THE PICK: ISU 27, K-State 21

Jared Stansbury, Cyclone Fanatic Staff Writer
I like the way Iowa State matches up in this game. I think Kansas State will be on a high coming off its big win last week, but that does not mean they are in for a let down. Big plays are going to be the difference in this one. Which team is capable of making more of them? I think the answer to that question is Iowa State.
THE PICK: Iowa State 28, Kansas State 14

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