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Sports Doc Weekly Blitz: A big-time announcement for McFarland Clinic

Dear Cyclone Fanatics,

Welcome to another year of the Sports Docs’ Weekly Blitz! Over the next few months, we will try and keep you up to date on what is happening in the world of sports medicine, especially as it relates to the Cyclones.

This week we have some exciting news for you that includes a special announcement. The Iowa State athletics department and McFarland Clinic are teaming up to provide comprehensive sports medicine care for Cyclone student-athletes. McFarland Clinic physicians will serve as the official team physicians for Iowa State student-athletes.

McFarland’s team of sports medicine physicians includes primary care physicians, orthopedic surgeons and additional specialists needed in the care of specific sports related injuries or overall performance.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with McFarland Clinic to provide world-class health care for the Cyclones,” said Jamie Pollard, Iowa State University Director of Athletics. “In today’s environment, student-athletes are focused on their health care, nutritional needs and strength and conditioning goals more than ever before. Our relationship with McFarland Clinic ensures that our players will receive the best care available in a convenient and efficient manner.”

“It is an honor and privilege for McFarland Clinic to formalize our commitment to provide medical care for Iowa State athletes,” said Andrew Perry, Chief Executive Officer. “Our ability to coordinate an athlete’s care through electronic medical records and the expertise of a wide range of specialists enhances the level of service and the overall health and well-being of an athlete.”

This working relationship started over 25 years ago when Dr. Thomas Greenwald moved to Ames to join Dr. Peter Buck at McFarland Clinic in providing orthopedic sports medicine coverage to the Cyclones.

They worked alongside the ISU athletic training staff, and other physicians in taking care of countless ISU athletes. Since then, this relationship has grown many fold.

Of course, it all starts with the ISU athletic trainers, as they are the ones putting in all the hard effort, including working with the athletes day in and day out throughout the year. Mark Coberley leads the ISU ATC programs, and Shannon Peel heads up the football athletic training staff, assisted by Nate Postma and Meaghan Hussey.

These folks are in charge of the health and well-being of over 120 football players. Strength and conditioning starts in the winter, and then spring practice arrives. Then it’s more strength and conditioning throughout the summer break. Fall football camp starts in early August and it is go-go-go until the season is over.

These folks also supervise students in the ATC program as they work day and night to keep the athletes healthy and strong, getting them ready for their season. Throughout the season they work even harder in getting them back into action, treating their bumps and bruises and rehabbing their more significant injuries. (They also have a whole team of ATC peers that work in a similar caregiving role with the non-FB ISU athletes. For more info see

Two physicians on the ISU-McF Sports Medicine team are primary care doctors, who specialize in non-operative sports injuries and issues, meaning they treat problems that do not require surgery. This would include concussions and nutritional issues and metabolic problems, and musculoskeletal problems that don’t necessitate a surgical solution.

Dr. Marc Shulman has recently joined McFarland Clinic, coming over from the ISU Thielen Student Health Center. He has worked with Iowa State athletes for over 20 years, in his role as a primary care provider. He was recently joined by Dr. Sarah Bancroft, a new addition to McFarland Clinic primary care sports medicine team. Both of these physicians have great medical expertise to offer the ISU student athletes.

The three orthopedic sports medicine physicians who work with Iowa State athletes are Dr. Peter Buck and Dr. Thomas Greenwald and Dr. Bryan Warme. All have years of experience and expertise in treating athletes, including being Board Certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery in Orthopedic Sports Medicine.

They surgically treat orthopedic sports injuries including fixing broken bones, as well as joint problems. This includes arthroscopy and reconstruction of the shoulder and knee, such as rotator cuff and labral problems and ACL reconstructions.

All five of these physicians work closely with all Iowa State athletes, including non football sports. They are obviously very busy during the football season, which includes being on the sidelines for practices and games. This also includes traveling to away games and bowl games. They help with both emergent (and potentially quite debilitating) injuries as well as with long-term health problems. Their goal is to work closely with the ISU Athletic Training staff (and coaching staffs) in promoting a healthy athlete who is able to perform to the top of their ability, and reach their maximum athletic potential.

These physicians also work on other athletes in the central Iowa area including junior high and high school athletes, as well as area college athletes. And, of course, they even work on everyday Cyclone Fanatic
athletes like YOU – recreational athletes and “weekend warriors” of all ages. If you have a non-operative sports medicine problem, call Dr. Bancroft and Shulman at 515-239-3410.

If you have an operative sports medicine problem – or traumatic injury – call Drs. Buck, Greenwald and Warme at 515-239-4475. Just ask for the :Doctors who treat the Cyclones.”

These doctors will provide excellent medical and surgical care – just like they give to the ISU Cyclone athletes.

For more information, check out

As always, Go Cyclones! And here’s to a Cyclone State victory this Saturday!!

Dr. Thomas Greenwald, MD