WILLIAMS: Shrewd move by Pollard in Campbell contract

After Matt Campbell’s contract was released on Friday, I saw a little bit of turbulence on Twitter about one specific bonus within it.

Iowa State’s new head coach will receive a $500,000 bonus if he wins six games.

“You’re awarding mediocrity,” the critics chirped.

Yeah, what’s your point?

Iowa State has fielded a football team in every year since 1892. Iowa State has played in 12 bowl games during that time. Twelve. 

With the current landscape in the Big 12 (a round-robin format that only allows three non-conference games, one which is against Iowa), I am totally fine with awarding a coach half-a-million dollars for going to a bowl game.

Hell, give Campbell a million per bowl game for all I care.

Just win and the Fanatics will come and that money will be made back. It’s a good investment.

The only thing surprising that came out of the contract was that Paul Rhoads’ SEVEN win bonus was $200,000. 

Rhoads needs to fire that agent immediately. 

This all tells me that Campbell’s agent was pushing for more money up front. His $2 million base isn’t that much compared to most coaches within the power five. Iowa State essentially stepped up and said, “win and you’ll get paid.”

Shrewd move, Mr. Pollard.