CF Experts Pick’Em: Week 5

Last week was as average as average can be when it comes to our "experts" here at Cyclone Fanatic.

The best record that any of our 10 competitors posted was 4-2. Only three men did that, those being Adam Carper, Bret Meyer and "Diamond" Dave Zawilinski. 

Carper enters week five with a two game lead over "Shaggy" and there’s a log jam in the middle of the standings as well. 

When it comes to pick’em 2012, you can cut the tension with a knife…Or something like that. Here are this week’s picks. 

Current Standings

Adam Carper, 17-7
Bret Culbertson, 15-9
Kirk Haaland, 14-10
Brent Blum, 14-10
Chris Williams, 14-10
Trevor Enerson, 14-10
Bret Meyer, 14-10
Adam Gray, 13-11
Dave Zawilinski, 13-11
Austen Arnaud, 9-15
Chris Hassel, 9-15

Former Iowa State linebacker Adam Carper

Minnesota @ Iowa (-6.5) – If there is one thing I’ve learned from Iowa football over the years it’s that they never cover when they are favored. I’ll think that’ll continue this week.

Baylor @ West Virginia (-12.5) – We all know Geno Smith and West Virginia can put up the points but sure can the Bears from Waco.  Mountaineer fans will be ready for their Big 12 opener and the team will thrive off their energy.  WVU covers. 

Tennessee @ Georgia (-14) – The Vols are overmatched in this SEC matchup and Georgia will open it up in the 4th to cover. 

Straight up

Ohio State @ Michigan State – Urban Meyer will have his boys ready for this road test.  Thee Ohio State wins.

Texas @ Oklahoma State – Texas hasn’t really been tested this year.  Factor that in with a night game at Boone Pickens Stadium and I like OSU to get the W.

Texas Tech @ Iowa State – I don’t believe the fellas are going to let down the record crowd expected on Saturday at Jack Trice.  ISU

Former Iowa State kicker Bret Culbertson

Minnesota @ Iowa (-6.5) – My how the weight has shifted in this state.  It has come to the point where everyone’s asking, "How bad is Iowa this year?" instead of, "How good is Iowa this year?"

I think we all feel like Iowa is the underdog this week no matter who was going to be on the schedule, simple because they haven’t come up big yet.  I think Iowa pulls this one off by more than 7, but they still keep us wondering.

Baylor @ West Virginia (-12.5) – How will West Virginia handle a Baylor offense?  How will Baylor handle a West Virginia offense? To be honest with you, who the heck knows?  I think this is a high scoring game, and the Mountaineer’s defense comes up bigger than the Bear’s defense. Both teams get a reality check, and Baylor keeps it within the spread.

Tennessee @ Georgia (-14) – There’s a reason some teams leave the media in the dark about who may or may not be starting this week.  I think Georgia’s avoiding this question for a reason.  Even with the same scheme, two different players at one position play the game differently and have their respective strengths and weaknesses.  Why not make your opponent waste time preparing for both? Georgia covers, and shows us why they’re in the top 5.

Ohio State @ Michigan State – Everyone in cardinal and gold needs to be rooting for a Tom Herman offense.  Ohio State wins, simply because they’re the better team.

Texas @ Oklahoma State – I heard Trevor Matich of ESPN says the Okie State defense hasn’t been challenged yet this year.  WHAT? REALLY?  They’ve blown two teams out so far this year, but I faintly remember them giving up 59 points to an Arizona offense a few weeks ago.  Challenges can also be lost, mind you. Savannah State and Louisiana were a scheduling gift from the football Gods (and from the check books of OSU Athletic Department).  The young guns of Texas prove themselves in this one.

Texas Tech @ Iowa State – After getting a beat down at Tech in 2007, I can still clearly remember standing on the tarmac for hours in Lubbock waiting for a different plane.  I believe "Broken" was the word the pilot used for our original plane after we were seated and ready to go.

Tom Kroeschell, our SID, kindly suggested that lowering the Spirit of St. Louis from the ceiling of the Smithsonian may have been a better option.  We finally departed from Lubbock at about 4 a.m. in a plane held together by duct tape and prayers.  

Tom scored no points with airport officials. Moral of the story?  None whatsoever.

Guns up Cyclones.  3 years in a row.

Kirk Haaland from

Minnesota @ Iowa (-6.5) —  I think this might be the toughest of the bunch to pick. Minnesota hasn’t lost yet but their schedule hasn’t been all that tough while Iowa has already lost two games in Kinnick this year. But, I rolled the dice on Iowa in week 1, I’m not doing it again now. Gophers cover.

Baylor @ West Virginia (-12.5) — I take the over. Actually, I take West Virginia at home.

Tennessee @ Georgia (-14) — It is a big line for the Bulldogs over Tennessee who has looked improved this year, but I’ll take UGA to cover. 

Ohio State @ Michigan State — Trusting Sparty is not an easy thing but I’ll go out on this limb one more time, for now.

Texas @ Oklahoma State — What is the status of Wes Lunt? I think the Okie Lite offense still has to show a lot and the Texas defense has been good enough to team with their improved offense to leave Stillwater with the win.

Texas Tech @ Iowa State — The Red Raiders remember the last two meetings with the Cyclones. The good news is that the Cyclones also remember, and that should bolster the confidence. Tech is supposed to be their new and improved selves because they trounced three cupcakes in the non-conference schedule. Everyone is jumping on that bandwagon outside of Iowa. I think the Cyclones and Paul Rhoads keep giving Tubberville fits. (Plus, I probably won’t be picking against Iowa State until they actually lose a game).

Cyclone Fanatic Columnist Brent Blum

Minnesota @ Iowa (-6.5) – Iowa’s Mark Weisman is the only RB in the NCAA to run for 205 or more yards this season and have his team lose. Iowa’s line has been very good the last two weeks, eventually that equates to success. If Iowa loses this…well, Kirk Ferentz is still rich. Iowa 28 Minnesota 14. 

Baylor @ West Virginia (-12.5) – Baylor’s D is not good. Fun fact: Baylor starting defensive back Demetri Goodson started 68 games at Gonzaga as a point guard; he is now their best guy in the secondary. Not a great sign.  West Virginia will gain more than 550 yards in this game, Baylor will need to keep up, I doubt they can.The over/under on this sucker is 80. Yeesh. West Virginia 48 Baylor 31. 

Tennessee @ Georgia (-14) – I am petitioning Williams that we can abstain from picking any and all SEC games involving Tennessee or Georgia. As Peter Gibbons said in Office Space, "You see Bob, it’s not that I’m lazy, it’s that I just don’t care." Tennessee with a back-door special to cover. Georgia  34 Tennessee 21. 

Ohio State @ Michigan State – The perfect ending for the B1G this year is for Ohio State to go undefeated and not be able to play in the Championship game. And then have Northwestern meet Purdue for the right to go to the Rose Bowl to get slaughtered by Oregon. That said, Michigan State finally figures something out and ends my dream. Michigan State 27 Ohio State 26. 

Texas @ Oklahoma State – Do we trust Texas QB David Ash? The guy has yet to throw a pick this season, but had 8 interceptions in 7 conference games last year. The Okie State offense still has loads of talent. This is going to be a wild year in the Big 12, Cowboys get it done. Oklahoma State 35 Texas 31.

Texas Tech @ Iowa State – The key to this game is the Iowa State run game. Tech was horrendous against the run last year (270 yards per game in conference play). How much better are the Raiders? If Iowa State gains 200 or more yards, they win. I think they get it done. Iowa State 28 Texas Tech 24. 

Cyclone Fanatic Publisher Chris Williams 

Minnesota @ Iowa (-6.5) – I don’t freaking know. This is by far the toughest game of the weekend to pick. The 6.5 is what makes it tricky. Put this at 7 and it’s a no-brainer to go with the Gophers. Give me the Hawks to cover at 6.5 but I know I’ll regret this come Sunday. 

Baylor @ West Virginia (-12.5) – Baylor’s defense sucks. But here’s the deal. So does West Virginia’s. This is a defense that allowed Maryland’s QB Perry Hills to completed 20-of-29 passes for 305 yards and three touchdowns last week. In case you’re not a big ACC guy (which for your sake, I hope you’re not), Maryland is one of the worst BCS teams in all of college football. Having said that, 82 is a HUGE number. Take the under and take Baylor to cover at 12.5. 

Tennessee @ Georgia (-14) – B-A-C-K D-O-O-R. Rocky top. 

Ohio State @ Michigan State – Shout out to my guy Tom Herman. BUCKEYES by 10. 

Texas @ Oklahoma State – I think the fact that David Ash has taken nearly all of the meaningful snaps of the season for Texas should tell us something. He is the guy for a reason. Texas is the most improved team in the Big 12 and with a shaky QB situation regarding Wes Lunt’s status in Stillwater, I actually like the Longhorns to pull this one off on the road. Having said that, Mike Gundy is still indeed a man and one of my favorite CEO’s in college football. 

Texas Tech @ Iowa State – Cyclones 34, Texas Tech 24

The Voice of the Fan, Trevor Enerson

Minnesota @ Iowa (-6.5) – Give me Minnesota. They usually win but I think the Hawks pull out a thriller. By thriller, I mean just a close game. it won’t be fun to watch or anything. UI 20-17

Baylor @ West Virginia (-12.5) – Any Baylor player who was on the defense last year gets to relive last year. I don’t mean the good parts, I mean the parts where RG3 shreds them in practice. WVU 47-21 

Tennessee @ Georgia (-14) – Big points. This is tough but Georgia is really good guys. Bulldogs roll 45-27 

Ohio State @ Michigan State – MSU D versus OSU O. Leveon Bell is really, really good. He will be the key but I htink they need 200+ yards out of him to win because they have a poor receiving corpse (yes, that’s what I mean) and can’t do anything through the air. This will be close but I will take MSU 17-14

Texas @ Oklahoma State – Here we go. How good is the OSU offense? How good is the UT defense? They are both supposed to be great. I simply don’t know but I am going to go with UT and a very efficient day for David Ash who has been productive enough to this point. UT 31-27 

Texas Tech @ Iowa State – This game could go so many ways. I think ISU learns from last year and comes out smoking. They will jump on the Tech D early and the defense will hold the Tech offense well enough to win. ISU 38-31

Former Iowa State quarterback Bret Meyer

Minnesota @ Iowa (-6.5) – Iowa is a mess fresh off last Saturday’s epic meltdown. I’ll take Minnesota. 

Baylor @ West Virginia (-12.5) – Geno Smith is on fire. WVU covers. 

Tennessee @ Georgia (-14) – Georgia wins a close one at home. 21-17

Ohio State @ Michigan State – Ohio State

Texas @ Oklahoma State – Texas

Texas Tech @ Iowa State – Clones improve to 4-0. 

Cyclone Fanatic Director of Sales Adam Gray

Minnesota @ Iowa (-6.5) – Iowa is not good and I don’t like this matchup for them. Minnesota’s defense has looked solid and those huge holes that Weisman has run thru, won’t be so big.  But, there has to be some revenge on the mind here. Not only from being embarrassed last week against a horrible CMU team, but after what has taken place the last 2 years against the Gophers.  Give me the home team, out for revenge to win and cover.  24-17 Hawks

Baylor @ West Virginia (-12.5) – Two great offenses. Two defenses that are soft. I don’t think West Virginia can stop Baylor enough to cover the 12.5.  That and I’m sure that Blum will take WVU (he’s got an unhealthy man crush on that mullet coach from WV) and I need to pass him. Baylor covers but loses 48-41. 

Tennessee @ Georgia (-14) – That’s a lot of points. Give me the Vols to cover but lose 31-21

Ohio State @ Michigan State –This will be a Big 10 snoozefest.  MSU wins 13-6.

Texas @ Oklahoma State – I’m a believer in Texas. I think their defense is legit and their offense is getting there.  31-17 Texas

Texas Tech @ Iowa State – Before the year started I had picked Tech to win this game. They had the most returning starters in the Big 12 and that experience would be tough for us. That was my reasoning. That hasn’t changed. But my opinion has. Night game, in Jack Trice, coming off a bye, and Rhoads has them focused. This defense is playing faster than I’ve ever seen them play and Iowa State, unlike Tech has been tested and hit in the mouth. That accounts for something. Iowa State wins a physical game 24-20. 

ABC 5 Sports Director Dave Zawilinski 

Minnesota @ Iowa (-6.5) – Maybe somebody knows something in Vegas that I don’t.  However, I’m going with my gut here.  I think Floyd stays in Minnesota for another year. 

Baylor @ West Virginia (-12.5) – I think Baylor has the firepower offensively to keep this one close. I’ll take the points.

Tennessee @ Georgia (-14) – Georgia is just way to powerful for Tennessee to keep up. Dawgs will roll.

Ohio State @ Michigan State – Urban Meyer didn’t come to the Big Ten to lose games like this. By my standards and probably his, this isn’t a big game either considering how down the Big Ten is. I like the buckeyes to win this one outright.

Texas @ Oklahoma State – Texas has been impressive this year. I’ll take the horns solely because they are favored in Vegas.

Texas Tech @ Iowa State – Three weeks ago I told Williams ISU would start 5-1.  They take another major step toward the historic start this weekend. ISU beats TT for the third straight year.

Former Iowa State quarterback Austen Arnaud

Minnesota @ Iowa (-6.5) – The Hawks are struggling, however I just don’t see Minnesota beating them for a third year straight. The absence of Gray at QB for the Gophers, especially in a hostile environment like Kinnick gives the Hawks the edge. U of I covers.

Baylor @ West Virginia (-12.5) – This is a game I am very excited to watch between two great offensive minds in Dana Holgorasen and Art Briles. I think Baylor can keep up with WVU,  but the Mountaineers win by a TD. Bears cover.

Tennessee @ Georgia (-14) – Having watched UGA play the past couple of weeks, this team is for real. Tennessee isn’t the team they want to be just yet and this will be a very tough road game. UGA covers in stunning fashion.

Ohio State @ Michigan State – This is one of two huge games for the Buckeyes and I think they are the best team in the sub-par Big Ten. Ohio State 24- 20 Mich St

Texas @ Oklahoma State – Mack Brown is undefeated as a head coach for the Longhorns in Stilwater and he keeps it that way. Texas 33 – 31 Oklahoma St.

Texas Tech @ Iowa State – This game is very much similar to the Texas game last year. The Cyclones can’t afford to have a slow start and play catch up. Cyclones get it done 41-37.

WHO-TV 13’s Chris Hassel

Minnesota @ Iowa (-6.5) – Ferentz always seems to find a way to pull a rabbit out of his rear when his seat gets a little steamy. I think Iowa covers and wins by 7.  

Baylor @ West Virginia (-12.5) – The only couch-burning in Morgantown will be of the celebratory variety. Mountaineers roll to a two touchdown win. 

Tennessee @ Georgia (-14) – The Vols can’t win big games at home. I doubt they can stay in a big game on the road. Georgia covers. 

Ohio State @ Michigan State – The Spartans have already lost one home game. I don’t see them losing another. Ohio State is better but MSU reigns supreme in East Lansing. 

Texas @ Oklahoma State – Texas hasn’t shown me enough to make me think it’s ready to join the nations elite. OSU wins a tight one. 

Texas Tech @ Iowa State – I should take TTU to try to make up some ground and get out of the basement, but I think home field advantage will be the difference. ISU moves to 4-0.