CF Experts Pick’Em: Week 6

By Chris Williams, Publisher

I entered last week’s expert pick’em standings in first place. I did what I normally do with a big league. I coughed it up and went 2-4. Because of this, every Twitter follower that Adam Gray (from Adam Gray Insurance, why buy insurance from a Hawkeye?) was spammed with how great he is at picking games.

Gray and Brent Blum jumped back in front of me this week. Meanwhile, Iowa State’s last two quarterbacks, Austen Arnaud and Bret Meyer are hanging around the cellar with WHO-TV 13’s Chris Hassel.

I do need to make one wrong right. I messed up last week’s standings. Hassel was actually a game better than I claimed. This was an innocent error folks. Hassel likes to claim that I’m trying to keep him down, but in reality, he’s proven that he’s just not any good at picking games. Whassup? 😉

Here are this week’s picks.


Adam Gray, 20-9
Brent Blum, 19-10
Chris Williams, 18-11
Dave Zawilinski, 17-12
Trevor Enerson, 17-12
Adam Carper, 17-12
Austen Arnaud, 16-13
Bret Meyer, 16-13
Chris Hassel, 16-13


Iowa State @ Baylor (-14) – Can we score points?  Can we stop with the penalties and turnovers?  If we cut down on the mistakes, we can win this game.  I have no doubt that CPR and Burnham will draw up a great gameplan to slow down RGIII.  It’s what they do.  But can the offense step up and do their job?  I like ISU to cover on the road.

Oklahoma (-10.5) vs. Texas – I’m not a believer in Texas’ offense….at all! It’s a rivalry game but that generally favors the defense, not the offense.  Oklahoma has a veteran QB where Texas is starting two freshmen.  OU is to experienced, to talented, and to balanced and they will throttle Texas in this game.  31-10

Ohio State @ Nebraska (-10) – Toughest game of the week to pick.  Nebraska is at home and hungry after the beat down last week.  Ohio State still without a lot of their players and have lost some more to injuries.  I think OSU’s defense can slow down Nebraska.  Give me OSU to cover.

Missouri @ Kansas State – Should be a really good game.  I’m going to take Missouri on the road.  I think they have the best defense that KSU has seen and Franklin appears to be getting better.

Iowa @ Penn State – Remember the Iowa vs. Penn State game of 2004?  Final score was a 6-4 win for the Hawks.  That game set football back 50 years.  Well I guess it’s a typical game for the Big 10.  Anyways, this Penn State offense may actually be worse than that Penn State offense.  I think Penn State is tired of getting beat by Iowa but I doubt they have the offensive talent to do anything about it.  Iowa wins 9-2.

Auburn @ Arkansas – Really just a straight pickem game?  Auburn had a nice win over South Carolina but this Arkansas offense is much better and we know that Chizik doesn’t know how to coach defense.  Arkansas scores 40+ and wins at home.


Iowa State @ Baylor (-14) – Everybody talks about RGIII, but Baylor WR Kendall Wright is putting up numbers just as freaky. He leads the nation in receiving yards per game at 155 and has 621 total thru four games. To put that in perspective, Jake Williams had the most receiving yards from a Cyclone wide-out last year with 404 yards during the WHOLE year. Nutty. That said, the Cyclone offense makes it interesting. Baylor 38 Iowa State 30.

Oklahoma (-10.5) vs. Texas – I think this is the kick-off campaign for the Landry Jones for Heisman campaign. The mustache puts up monster numbers and OU rolls the Horns. Texas not there yet. Sooners 41 Texas 20.

Ohio State @ Nebraska (-10) – My goodness Ohio State, show some pride. It’s going to be really difficult to keep getting bargain rates on tattoos if you continue losing at this rate. Nebraska 27 Ohio State 13.

Missouri @ Kansas State – Fun fact of the day: K-State’s win over Baylor last week was their first home win against a ranked team since they throttled Seneca Wallace and Iowa State back in 2002. Bad memories. I’m still not buying Wildcat stock yet. Missouri humbles Bill Snyder and crew. And while we’re at it Mizzou, enough of the flirting with the rich guy at the bar (SEC). It won’t end well. Mizzou 27 K-State 21.

Iowa @ Penn State – It is time for my favorite college football game that is sweeping the nation. Who or what came first: Joe Paterno or this modern day convenience? Joe Paterno or the television? Joe Paterno or the traffic light? Joe Paterno or the electric shaver? And your answers: Paterno was born in 1926, the first television system debuted in 1927, first traffic light in 1920, and first electric shaver invented in 1928. Thanks for playing! Amazing that man is still coaching, pretty cool actually. Penn State 24 Iowa 21.

Auburn @ Arkansas – Arkansas has too much speed. Razorbacks in a rout. Arkansas 35 Auburn 17.


Iowa State @ Baylor (-14) – Read all about this one HERE. Baylor 35, Iowa State 27.

Oklahoma (-10.5) vs. Texas – If Florida State can keep it close against Oklahoma, than Texas can keep it close against Oklahoma. Sooners win, Horns cover. 24-17 final.

Ohio State @ Nebraska (-10) – I can only imagine that Bo Peleni will have the ‘Skers pretty jacked for this one, against an Ohio State program that’s bark is way worse than its bite. Huskers 31, Buckeyes 13

Missouri @ Kansas State – All week long, folks have been wondering why Missouri is favored in this game. I’ll tell you why. Because they’re the better football team. Kansas State will come back to life and the Tigers will cruise to a 24-14 victory.

Iowa @ Penn State – Behind the Iowa State game (that’s the Hawkeye Nation’s annual Super Bowl you know), this is the biggest game of the year for the Hawkeyes. Kirk Ferentz owns Penn State. Hawks win 31-20 over a poor Penn State team.

Auburn @ Arkansas – Hard to pick against Arkansas after their second half against Texas A&M last week. Hogs 41, Tigers 31.


Iowa State @ Baylor (-14) – Tough losses for both teams last week.  I don’t think Baylor’s defense is particularly good.  I think ISU can score.  Can they stop Baylor?  I say they stop them enough to cover.  ISU jumps out to a 14-0 lead, but loses 38-30.

Oklahoma (-10.5) vs. Texas – This is one of my bucket list games.  What that has to do with this contest?  I have no idea. I think Texas will hang with OU… Sooners 28, Texas 18.

Ohio State @ Nebraska (-10) – More suspensions for OSU.  More trouble for the Buckeyes.  I think they’re at the beginning of a four game slide.  I like Nebraska BIG.  35-7.

Missouri @ Kansas State – I can’t quite figure out why Mizzou is favored here.  I’ve doubted KSU all the way and that trend stops here.  KSU 28 Mizzou 16

Iowa @ Penn State – Im not sold on Iowa but I am sold on Penn state… being bad that is.  They have issues at quarterback and an ugly win at Indiana did not impress me.  I like the Hawks outright. 24-10.

Auburn @ Arkansas – It is hard to doubt the Chiz these days but Arkansas is favored by 10.5.  Chris has us picking this game outright.  I’ll take the hogs to win but Auburn to cover.  Arkansas 34 Auburn 25


Iowa State @ Baylor (-14) – Baylor’s offense has been the story. I think the story should be their defense. They allowed a mediocre offensive unit in KSU score enough to beat them last week. I think that will allow the Cyclones to not only beat the spread but to win with a new found discipline and efficiency on offense. You ready? ISU 42-37 (Get used to this sort of thing. I don’t bet against my teams.)

Oklahoma (-10.5) vs. Texas – If this wasn’t a rivalry that spread would make this easy. It is a rivalry though and this one always seems to be close. In the end, though, I think this Oklahoma offense is too much. Heck ISU was able to move the ball when they held on to it. OU 38-24.

Ohio State @ Nebraska (-10) – Both of these offenses are not very good. Defensively, I think Nebraska is better than they showed last week against the best offense in the B1G which is like being the skinniest girl at a Jenny Craig seminar. OSU can’t move the ball and Nebraska wins going away. Nebby 27-10.

Missouri @ Kansas State – I think Missouri can do enough defensively to make KSU’s offense mediocre again. Mizzou 31-21

Iowa @ Penn State – Is Ken O’keefe going to let the dogs out again and go all spread happy on PSU? I doubt it but it won’t matter. PSU’s offense is horrible and their defense isn’t good enough to stop Coker. Coker has a huge day and Iowa wins a snorfest. Iowa 24-14

Auburn @ Arkansas – There will be points. Many points. Auburn initially looked mediocre but we have come to found out that Utah State is a good team that has been heartbroken all season, MSU is still a solid team and Clemson is actually pretty darn good. Auburn get’s one more stop. Auburn 48-42.


Iowa State @ Baylor (-14) – If we can apply some pressure on RG III and capitalize on any turnovers, this game is within reach.  Cyclones play tough on the road but Baylor covers.

Oklahoma (-10.5) vs. Texas – This is yet another statement game for Bob Stoops as his team has done nothing but win and still been jumped in the polls by Alabama and LSU.  The Sooners simply just have more talent across the board and I like them by 14.

Ohio State @ Nebraska (-10) – Although Ohio State will not be returning their suspended players, I still think their defense will keep them in this game and force Martinez to beat them with his arm which can’t sit well for Husker fans. Ten points is too many.  Ohio State covers.

Missouri @ Kansas State – I’ve gone against Bill Snyder and his Wildcats the last 2 weeks.  Better wise up and have faith in the old man.  K-State.

Iowa @ Penn State – How Vegas has Penn State favored by 4 in this game is beyond belief.  Kirk Ferentz has had his way with the Nittany Lions in the past and I think that will carry over into Saturday’s game.

Auburn @ Arkansas – Defensive guru Gene Chizik has his Tigers defense holding down the 106th spot in total defense as the Razorbacks are lighting up the field with 610 yards per game.  That’s the only stat I need to forecast this game.  Pig Sooie wins @ home.


Iowa State @ Baylor (-14) – Iowa State +14  – This line could go either way for the simple fact of how Iowa State plays, if we turn the ball over early this game will be very similar to last week.  This games scares me but I’ll take I State to cover.

Oklahoma (-10.5) vs. Texas – Texas +10.5 –  Texas has a lot of momentum coming into this game and has nothing to lose in this game.  Spread never matters in this game, this will be a closer game than most expect but OU wins.

Ohio State @ Nebraska (-10) – Nebraska -10 – Ohio State has had compounded problems, they have more suspensions and more attention to a program that needs none right now.  Devier Posey and Dan Herron will not play when they initially were supposed to this game.  Ohio State has no momentum rolling into this game and Nebraska will be ready to play this game after getting embarrassed at Camp Randall last Saturday.

Missouri @ Kansas State – Mizzou 31-27 – Mizzou has been surfing under the radar this year with losses to two good teams AZ State and OU. Kansas State had a huge win against Baylor last weekend and the let down factor is in effect.  Kansas State is a good football team but they are not yet a top tier team in the Big 12 and will not continually compete at a high level week in and week out.

Iowa @ Penn State – Penn State 23-17 – Its no secret the Big Ten is not near the conference it usually is this year, however all football fans should love seeing this match-up two old school football schools going at it in Happy Valley. Penn State will win this game if they control the tempo and have better offensive consistency, I don’t think this young Iowa team handles adversity very well.

Auburn @ Arkansas – Arkansas 44-35 –  This may be the best game of the week in college football. Two great offensive minds in this game Bobby Petrino vs Guz Malzahn.  This game will be a track meet, up and down the field and alot of points will be scored.  Both of these team had statement wins last week, although I believe Arkansas was more significant because of the team and the deficit they overcame.  Auburn’s defense has been suspect at times especially on the ground, look for Arkansas to capitalize on that.


Iowa State @ Baylor (-14) – If we take care of the ball and contain RGIII we have a chance. Don’t see either happening. Baylor covers.

Oklahoma (-10.5) vs. Texas – Point spreads in most rivalry games are worthless. Texas lack of experience at key positions will be the difference. OU wins by 7.

Ohio State @ Nebraska (-10) – Yet another tough week for Ohio State as they lose more starters to suspension. Nebraska covers at home.

Missouri @ Kansas State – Missouri, you are officially a joke. Good luck in the SEC. Kansas State wins at home.

Iowa @ Penn State – Iowa’s offense could be scary good with great balance between the run and pass. In contrast, Penn State’s offense has struggled thus far. Iowa wins on the road.

Auburn @ Arkansas – Don’t bet against Chiz. He has his young team believing they can win anywhere. Auburn wins, yet another close one on the road.


Iowa State @ Baylor (-14) – After a heartbreaking loss, the Bears will be ready to lay a lickin’ on the Cyclones and get back on track. Robert Griffin will want to pad his stats, and the way ISU is turning the ball over, he’s going to get a lot of chances. Unless Steele Jantz can play like he did against Iowa, I don’t see how the Cyclones can keep it close. Baylor covers, 38-20.

Oklahoma (-10.5) vs. Texas – The Longhorns have looked real good the last two weeks, but UCLA and ISU ain’t OU. The Sooners are poised to run the table, and show Texas who’s king of the river. Sooners win, and cover, 35-17.

Ohio State @ Nebraska (-10) – Taylor Martinez might throw a few picks, but that just might be the only way Ohio State gets on the board. OSU has had the most anemic offense in the Big Ten, this season. The Huskers rebound with a win, and a cover, 24-10.

Missouri @ Kansas State – I’m still not a believer in Kansas State. I’m not sure why, considering the Cats have beaten Miami and Baylor. Maybe it’s because they seem to start every year 4-0. Missouri steals one on the road, 35-30.

Iowa @ Penn State – This is the biggest game of the year for the Hawkeyes. A win sets the tone for a possible 4-0 start in Big Ten play, with Northwestern, Indiana, and Minnesota to follow. I’m not sure why so many people think it will be an easy Hawkeye victory. I’m 50/50 on this one, but I’ll give the edge to the Hawks, because they actually have a quarterback. Iowa wins, 24-23.

Auburn @ Arkansas – The gauntlet in the SEC just doesn’t stop. Arkansas is a better football team, and it’s at home. Jesus will be behind the hogs, not Gene Chizik. Arkansas is your winner, 31-27.